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Chat in 9 Indian Languages with Yahoo IndiChat

IndiChat is a most useful Yahoo! Messenger chat plug-in for Indians that can facilitate to send chat messages in 9 Indian languages which includes Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali & Gujarati. Just start IndiChat plug-in and begin typing your phonetic spelling ...Read More

Popular Utility Softwares for Yahoo Messenger

Here are some of the most useful utility software that can enhance user experience when using the Yahoo! Messenger. 1. BuddyspyMainly used to find who is in invisible mode, which chat room he or she is in, whether the person’s webcam is on etc.,Download ...Read More

Simple Yahoo! Chat Commands Revealed

Directly you can use these simple and very useful chat commands on Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo! Chat Commands: /join [room] go to what ever room you wish /invite [buddys name] sends invitation request /tell [user] [message] private messages a friend /follow [user] follows a friend ...Read More