Surprise Pals with Yahoo! Messenger Secret Emoticons

From using as a greeting in net friendships to spicing up your IM conversations, these emoticons are a great help to show friends and family how you feel. Besides the default set of emoticons provided by Yahoo! Messenger in the emoticon menu, there are some more hidden emoticons which you can send by typing their respective character combination shortcuts directly into your message. The table below features the exhaustive list of Hidden Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons to surprise your friends and family. First find the emoticon image you want to generate in the first column, then from the second column find the character combination you have to type in your message to generate that emoticon.

EmoticonKey CombinationDescription
puppy dog eyes :o3 puppy dog eyes
I don't know:-??I don’t know
not listening %-(not listening
pig :@)pig
cow 3:-Ocow
monkey :(|) monkey
chicken ~:>chicken
rose @};-rose
good luck %%-good luck
US flag **==US flag
pumpkin (~~)pumpkin
coffee ~O)coffee
idea *-:)idea
skull 8-X skull
bring it on >:/bring it on
bug =:)bug
hee hee ;))hee hee
alien >-)alien
chatter box :-@chatter box
praying [-O<praying
money eyes $-)money eyes
whistling :-" whistling
feeling beat up b-(feeling beat up
peace sign :)>-peace sign
shame on you [-Xshame on you
not worthy ^:)^not worthy
oh go on :-joh go on
star (*)star
hiro o->hiro
billy o=>billy
april o-+april
yin yang (%)yin yang
bee :bzbee
dancing :D/dancing

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