Yahoo! Messenger For The Web

Instant Messaging has become easier than ever before with a lot of IM services available and now Yahoo! has brought a new innovation in this field with its new Yahoo! Messenger for the Web.

IM for the web is the basic version of Yahoo! Messenger designed especially for the web browser which doesn’t require downloading of any external applications. With this web IM service, you can stay in touch with your Yahoo! as well as Windows Live Messenger buddies from any browser you wander by. Also, if you want to read more interesting tech-related articles, you may check

All you have to do to access this service is go to and login with your Yahoo! ID.
Some of the interesting features of this Yahoo! Messenger for the Web include:

  • Tabbed browsing which opens multiple conversations in tabs.
  • Ability to search the message archive that consists of message history of all your IM with your friends.
  • New message notification sound
  • Ability to add Windows Live! Messenger contacts making it the first web messenger where you need only one ID to be a part of multiple IM communities.

And if you want your experience of IMing on the web to spice it up a little more, you can go to Yahoo! Messenger for the Web – Star Wars Edition @! MESSENGER STAR WARS Edition
For all the interactive features and looks, IM for the Web deserves a big thumbs up from its users, but I’m afraid that it has its limitation.

With Yahoo! Messenger for the Web:

  • you cannot modify your image/avatar to be displayed
  • you cannot modify your Stealth settings and block list
  • you also won’t be able to conference, transfer files or share photos; or use webcams, Voice, IMvironments, LaunchCast Radio, PlugIns, or audibles.

These modifications and features can be accessed only using the application (the YM ‘client’) that’s installed on your computer.

All in all this Yahoo! Messenger for the web can be a great advantage when you are accessing internet away from your home computers having no Yahoo! Messenger applications installed and in the cases of which you have been using other web based instant messenger services like

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