Different Ways to Access the Windows Control Panel

The Control Panel is a part of the Microsoft Windows graphical user interface which allows users to make settings for many Windows actions, such as changing network, keyboard, printer, regional settings, Performance & Maintenance Settings, Add/Remove Programs etc.,

Here are the Different Ways To Access the Windows “Control Panel”.
1–> Click Start, Choose Control Panel from the start menu items.

Start_Control Panel

If your computer is set up in Classic Start Menu view, then click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

Control Panel_Classic Start Menu

In some computers, Start Menu is customized to not display the Control Panel in the items list. In such a case,

2–> Click Start, Click Run, Type Control and press OK.

Run command To Access Control Panel

3–> Go to My Computer and type Control Panel in the Address bar and press Enter.Type Control Panel in My Computer Address bar

4–> Type Control Panel into the Address bar of your Internet Explorer and press enter to access the control panel instead of the Web.Access Control Panel from Internet ExplorerThis is possible because of the close similarity between Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe, the web browser) and Windows Explorer (explorer.exe, the file system manager). And because of this very similarity, Internet Explorer can also be used to browse your file system besides the web and is included for free in all Windows Operating Systems.

5–> You can also access the Control Panel from Windows Command Interpreter(cmd.exe) by just typing the command Control at the command prompt and pressing enter.

Control command to open windows control panel

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