reddit-ize Firefox with Socialite

To enhance the user experience of reddit, the fellow redditor chromakode has made this new add-on called Socialite that integrates the goodness of reddit right into Firefox!Socialite_a reddit firefox extension
The most interesting feature having Socialite installed on your Firefox is to vote on, save and submit stories to reddit social news sites right from where you are viewing the story with help of the socialite bar.

Using Socialite is as simple as it gets:
location toolbar reddit icon All you have to do is to click on the reddit icon appearing on the right side of your location bar which opens the socialite bar having options to submit the story if it is not submitted or having options such as Like, Dislike, Comment, favorite etc., for the links already submitted.Socialite vote on barAnd if you want to skip straight to the submit bar, middle-click on the reddit icon found in the location bar of your browser window.

You can also choose what buttons are to be displayed in the toolbar and for which sites Socialite has to provide social bookmarking functionality from the extensions preferences settings.Socialite extensions preferences

So, from now-onwards you don’t have to surf alone, instead you can take reddit along with you using the new socialite bar.

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