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Password protect and secure bookmark of Rewards for Justice website using hush private bookmarking extension

How to Use Hush Private Bookmarking Extension for Chrome

I just found this awesome chrome extension called Hush for saving secret bookmarks and password protect them. Hush is a private bookmarking extension to privately save your favorite web pages or links when you’re browsing the web incognito. It’s free and easy to use! Browse in private with incognito mode [Continue Reading…]

30 Useful Browser Shortcuts

In the previous post we have known about the shortcuts being used in Windows and also in text applications like Microsoft Word. Besides these, we should also have the knowledge of keyboard shortcuts which are useful in common web browsing why because, we utilize internet regularly. Here are some of [Continue Reading…]

Edit Photos in Google Chrome with Aviary

You can run additional applications with the help of browser alone. It is enough to install addons in the browser you are using and perform various tasks on the web without of the need of separate software tools. Just install the addon and restart the browser, immediately you find a [Continue Reading…]