How-To Get Referrals For Your Own Programs

Getting Referrals is the most important in any online earning program. More is your down line of referrals more will be your earnings. Unfortunately its not that easy to find them without mutual benefit. With that concept in mind a site has been set up called ‘GetRef’ where in you earn credits for joining others programs and then spend them to get referrals for your programs. You can even buy credits if you don’t want to join others programs.

Here you can find a lot of people willing to join your programs as they need credits you are giving, so that they can spend them to get referrals for their programs. You can also give a negative rating for those who aren’t honest as a referral but joined just to earn credits (or) for those who haven’t transferred you credits even after you have joined their programs. Members rating can be seen everywhere on the site and a negative rated person will soon perish coz no one will be joining his programs.

GetRef supports almost all the online earning programs. More over you can advertise you site or blog and this system works similar to traffic exchange sites.

Here you can earn credits mainly in three ways

1) By joining others programs.

2) By visiting other blogs and websites.

3) By referring members.

Of course, you always have the option to buy them if you are not willing to do any of the above. But that won’t be the case with most of the guys here. So there is a huge possibility of members willing to join under you as your referral.

Join and Get Referrals for you own programs

Happy earnings!!

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