Make Money Online Taking Surveys and Polls in India

The better platform for marketers and business owners to track the quantitative performance of their brand, consumer satisfaction and marketing efforts is through Online Surveys and Polls. This provides them necessary information and analysis that assists in their marketing decision making.
GetCounted logoJuxtConsult, India’s leading online research and advisory service company has taken this into consideration and created ‘GetCounted’ Consumer World which can not only help marketers and business owners to assess their efforts but also help the netsumers (consumers with access to the net) to win attractive cash prizes. With ‘GetCounted’ you can make your experience, views and opinions count by participating in online surveys and polls and thus get a chance to win over Rs. 1Lakh (1994.8 U.S. dollars)cash per month. Also you can win daily cash prizes for the surveys and polls you participate in.

Your chances of winning the prize money is doubled if you become a ‘GetCounted Live’ member which can be done very simply. All you have to do is to install the GetCounted Live software on your PC after signing up with ‘GetCounted’ Consumer World. GetCounted Live software is used to get a basic understanding of the web surfing behaviour of the members of GetCounted consumer world. The software consumes minimal RAM and storage and does not affect the system performance in any way.

Easy Step-by-Step process to get started and stand a chance to win the cash prizes through GetCounted Consumer world.

1) First Sign Up with GetCounted Consumer World by clicking here which takes you to a page where you have to fill the details About You and accept to become Getcounted member.

2) An activation link will be sent to the mail id you have given which has to be clicked as usual to active your membership.

3) After activating your account sign in to your account and completely update your profile by filling Your Net Usage and Household details. Members with completely update profile have better chances to win the prizes.

4) Now Install GetCounted Live software on your PC.
Click here to Download GetCounted Live (1.6MB .zip)

RunAfter downloading, unzip it and start the installation process. Sometimes you may get a pop-up as shown while starting the installation. Ignore it and click on the button ‘Run’ to install. Then by following the onscreen instructions complete the installation process.

After installation is finished, enter the email ID with which you have registered yourself in GetCounted, indicate the place of installation and select the username from the windows that pop-up and finally click Sign In. This will make GetCounted Live successfully launched in your system.

Now you are all set to go to your account and take the surveys and polls that come to your account.

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