Click Turn Off to Install Important Updates and Turn Off Your Computer

This turn off computer box is not exactly the one you see each time you try to shutdown your computer, as it has a important upgrade to it which can be seen in the form of windows security shield placed on the Turn off button.

turn off computer box with important updates install

Turn off computer box such as this appears when you’ve downloaded windows updates and they’re ready for your computer to install. All you have to do it click Turn Off to install important updates and turn off your computer. Windows automatically installs the updates after you hit Turn Off and then turns off your computer.

This is the easiest and the best way to install downloaded windows updates for your computer. If for any reason you wanted to turn off your computer without installing updates, then click the link that says Click here to turn off computer without installing updates.

This Turn off Computer box boasts another hidden feature called Hibernate which is very useful for those of you who would like all your opened programs and other files intact to continue working with them next time start you PC.

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