A Revolutionary Way of Dialing Has Launched!

SpellDial has Launched!

The new revolutionary way to dial has opened its doors for people everywhere to avail of a free Spelldial account. Now you can start dialing names NOT numbers!

A Revolutionary Way of Dialing Has Launched! 1

It’s easy, convenient and costs you nothing! Start dialing the names of your registered friends, your favorite restaurants and fast food chains. No numbers needed!

SpellDial believes in making connecting simple and easy. Since numbers are extremely difficult to remember and totally unrelated to your identity, Spelldial allows you to dial names instead of numbers. The reality is, names are easier to remember than numbers! Its system is designed to let you assign a custom name to your number, allowing people to contact you by dialing that custom name.

Businesses and individuals can now give out their custom spelldial names to their customers and contacts. For in Spelldial, your name is your number. When you change your number all you have to do is update your Spelldial account, change the number you name is linked to, and your friends will immediately be calling your new number when they dial.

You can register and create your custom name at www.SpellDial.com. You may start dialing names on your smartphone by accessing www.SpellDial.com/app on your phone browser.

SpellDial has also opened its doors to developers. You can avail of their API and create your own SpellDial App for different mobile platforms. Just check out their Developer’s page. Be part of the shift from numbers to names!

More importantly, SpellDial has created a platform where individuals can convert numbers of businesses, establishments, and services in their community into names. So that the citizens can easily contact them. The goal is to change the all the numbers into names. Be part of the movement and make your city a SpellDialing city! Contribute and convert numbers into names at www.spelldialmovement.com!

Register now before someone else gets the name that you want! Go to www.spelldial.com! Connecting has never been easier! SpellDial – the future of connecting, the new way to dial.

Note: Currently, in order to dial SpellDial Names, you have to use the SpellDial Web App (www.spelldial.com/app – it works on browsers of most smartphones.) or use an app that uses the SpellDial API.

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