Gmail Introduced the People Widget – New!

New! People Widget @Gmail

The New! People Widget embedded in Gmail is located on the right-hand side of your messages and it shows the basic contextual information about the participants in the conversation. The details are drawn from information already saved in your contacts.

New! People Widget

Apart from knowing the basic information about the sender or participants in the conversation, the People Widget helps you to easily communicate and interact with individual contacts in the conversation. All you’ve to do is simply click on the people name in the People Widget for following:

  • Basic Information about the contact taken from your contacts info.
  • Recent buzzes posted.
  • Recent email sent.
  • View Shared Google Calendar events.
  • View Shared Google documents.

Also you can start a group chat, compose a new email message to be sent to all contact’s in the conversation and even schedule a Google Calender event with the people in the group! !!Isn’t that great?! Say thanks to Gmail.

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