New Viruses on Facebook that Can Be Harmful – Virus Alert

Thousands of online accounts are hijacked every day and Facebook is no exception. Recently on Facebook, users have been encountering stuff that is suspicious of being called a virus, posing threat to their account security and privacy.

facebook virus alert

Given below are 4 new such type of viruses responsible for harming or slowing down your computer and possibly hijack your Facebook account, and thus should be protected against such elements being alert and aware on Facebook.

  1. Be aware while clicking on any pop-ups from Facebook as malicious users who spam online mask their web pages use these pop-ups for URL redirection to redirect users to malicious sites.
  2. If you get a notification that a friend of yours reported your account for offensive behavior, just discard it.
  3. Videos saying the lines – ‘99% of People can not watch this for more the 15 Sec’ or similar, do not play/open it as it is a survey scam that directs you to external websites for completing a survey which is an absolute waste of your valuable time.
  4. Discard all messages from your friends via chat saying click this link. These are suspicious links sent by malicious apps that can infect your timeline, messages, and even your friends’ walls. If anyone is sharing a link on chat, always confirm with the sender that the link is safe and then proceed.

Always be careful while using Facebook and stay away from virus infections!!

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