Photoshop Photo Effects – Transform Selection, Feather Selection, Save and Load Selection, Border, Smooth, Expand, Contract, Grow, Similar Overview

Transform Selection

This is useful after selecting of any image to change its angles and directions. According to select transform box will appear, keep the mouse on the anchor point of it and move in the required direction to change its directions.

Feather Selection

Ctrl-Alt-D or Shift-F6 pressing either of this key combination ‘Feather Table’ will appear. In the feather table, you have give as to how the feather radius will be. You can give values from 0 to 50 but by increasing the radius of feather the border will not be visible. If you give 0 to 15 to feather, you will get good results. After selecting, if you do right-click, in the appeared window feather can possibly be selected.

Save and Load Selection

While working in layers, to save a particular selection this options is useful. Later when need be, go to select through load select, again same selection can be procured. The windows obtained on save selection, in the place of none suitable name is to be given.

For doing attractive some parts of an image, there is modify in which there are effects like smooth, border, expand, contract, Grow, Similar.


At the place of selection it will do pixels as smooth. In this window how far it is to be smoothed it is enough to enter than number.


After selecting to increase the thickness of selected line, Border will be useful. Immediately upon selecting, Border window will appear and in this at width, appropriate border it to be given.


More expand is required than the selection made, this window will be useful. In this window the required number is to be entered.


Through this windows you can reduce the selection to the extent of pixels you required.


Selection is made in any image, the color in the selection wherever it is to select Grow is useful. But to selection in its circumference if other color came over, it doesn’t work.


Not only to the extent of image selection, to get the selection of that color wherever it happened to be, the option Similar will be useful.

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