Experience Your Photos in 3D with Microsoft Photosynth

How Wonderful it would be to see your bunch of photos you love using the cinematic quality of a movie, the control of a video game, and the mind-blowing detail of the real world? Now a new software has been developed that is providing these wonderful features.

To edit your photos using Photo editing tools like Photoshop and making slide shows is what you can all do with your photos until now. Distinctly from all those, now with the help of a new photo sharing software by Microsoft called Photosynth you can convert your photos into 3D and thus add real world details to your photos. Simply, Photosynth can create an amazing new experience to your bunch of photos and its a radically new way to use your photos.

All you need to have to run the “synther” is a PC and broadband internet connection with IE or Mozilla firefox in which it works better. Also You’ll need to Sign Up for a Photosynth account which uses Windows Live ID. For enhanced performance 1GB of RAM and a 64MB graphics card is required.

Now we are Ready to Set.

Just go to the Photosynth website @ photosynth.net and click on Create your synth photosynth
Then add your photos and click synth. That’s it, you’re ready to view your 3D stuff!!

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