10 VLC Media Player Shortcuts

To play audio and video files are you using VLC media player? Then, do you know shortcuts for performing various tasks in that? Here are some of the VLC media player shortcuts you should know which makes it easier to handle:

10 VLC Media Player Shortcuts 1
  1. To view the video on full screen press F
  2. To come back to previous position press Esc key
  3. To play or pause the video playback: Space bar
  4. To forward video: Shift + Right arrow
  5. To back over video: Shift + Left arrow
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  7. To stop playing of video press S
  8. To close the vlc player use the shortcut Ctrl + Q
  9. To increase the volume: Ctrl + Up arrow
  10. To decrease the volume: Ctrl + Down arrow
  11. To mute the volume press M

I recommend you to download the latest VLC media player (version 2.0.3 as I typed this) from ViedoLAN – VLC player official page

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