Using Google Chrome – The Free Web Browser Developed by Google

What’s your favorite browser – Firefox or Chrome? Of-course, Firefox works very smooth and is being used more but at present times, everybody is showing interest towards using Google Chrome – the free browser which is provided by Google.

Using Google Chrome - The Free Web Browser Developed by Google 1

Chrome browser supports all versions of Windows – 8/7/Vista/XP and will work very swiftly and easily on all platforms. And with auto-update feature turned-on every time your start the browser, you’re ensured to use the latest version of Chrome browser anytime. Google Chrome Team does best to keep you safe online showing warnings whenever there’s something suspicious taking place behind a particular link or website your visit. You can download Chrome browser freely from Google and after installing, you can make necessary changes as needed.

To change Chrome newly, addons clamor had started in Chrome as in Firefox. Additional facilities have been provided through extensions in Chrome. These can be installed easily by clicking on the ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ menu which is located at the right-side top of the browser and selecting ‘Tools ► Extensions’. In the appeared page, click on ‘Get more extensions’, and you can view the list of extensions @Chrome Web Store.

Put Restrictions on Advertisements Online

Upon opening some websites, commercial advertisements will open and importune you to do something. To block all these advertisements in Chrome browser, you’ve to install AdBlock extension. For this, enter into Chrome extensions page, search through ‘search box’, click on the AdBlock link and click on install which came in the page. Make sure to check ‘show the AdBlock button next to the address bar’ in the window, and install ‘browser button for AdBlock’. Then appears Hand symbol button by the side of address bar. Now, whenever you open your favorite website you can find the ads get disappeared automatically. To block pop-up ads just click on hand symbol shown next to the address bar. You can see the details in the status bar below. To get the ads again click on the arrow icon in the status bar and click on ‘Always show pop-ups.’ AdBlock extension for Chrome is so smart that it can even block adverts on Facebook, YouTube and Hulu.

Special Extension for Gmail

To know the number of unread mails in your Gmail Inbox, install ‘Google Mail Checker’ extension for Google Chrome. Enter into extensions services, search the mail checker with search box and install it.

Using Google Chrome - The Free Web Browser Developed by Google 2

Now, you see Gmail icon option appeared by the side of address bar. In this you find unread email messages data received to your mail id. To view the inbox, click on Gmail icon button.

Would You Like to Translate?

While browsing in Chrome, to translate the entire content in a web page into other languages of your choice, you have to install Google Translate Extension. Upon installing, appears translate icon button in your browser toolbar by the side of address bar. Click the translate icon and you can translate the webpage into the languages available.

IE in Chrome

Some web pages will open in Internet Explorer only. You need not close Google Chrome browser to open IE. Being within Chrome, you can open web pages using IE with the help of IE Tab extension.

IE Tab icon button

Immediately on installing, you can do IE browsing with just a click on the explorer icon button which will be shown by the side of the address bar. And for changing the options pertaining to the IE Tab, right-click IE tab icon and click on Options.


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