Pudding Camera and Camera360 – The Best Android Smartphone Camera Apps

Using Android smartphone do you wanna take professional looking photos? No doubt Smartphones these days are having the qualitative cameras with megapixels. But you cannot take photos professionally only with standard camera features and so you’ve to extend new facilities using wonderful camera apps like Pudding Camera and Camera360.

Total 72 Quality Effects @Pudding Camera

The Pudding Camera app which is freely available in Android market can be downloaded to your Android smartphone and your mobile camera will be changed as professional camera with great photo effects.

Pudding Camera - The Best Free Android Photo App

Using Pudding Camera photo app you can take photos professionally with 72 high quality special effect, various aspect ratios and Multi-frame shots. There are also camera options like face recognition, grid feature, self-camera mode and timer countdown.

With this best photography app, there is a possibility to share multiple photos at a time and you can mail the selected photos. You can also view photo preview with image data like date, time and image size etc. Using this high quality photo app you can take pictures in three resolution pixel sizes – 472px, 700px and 1280px.

Camera360 – The Best Camera App

Camera360 has been made especially for Android and iPhone users which supports both front and back arranged two cameras. Using this favorite camera app high resolution photos can be taken in full screen mode and you can store the photos online in Camera360 cloud storage. After taking photos, you can enhance the photo quality with magic colors features, photo filters and nearly hundred great photo effects.
There is a facility in Camera360 that you can change the photos to sketch figures. You can also enhance the photo resolution with HDR effects. The Android users can get Camera360 from Google Play and iPhone users can obtain the iPhone version of Camera360 from iTunes.

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  • I like camera360 and Pudding Camera for their many great photo effects. However, these make a loud click when taking pictures, that can NOT be turned off or even turned down. For now i will uninstall it and use another camera app that’s silent like Camera Zoom Fx.

  • As if in Digital camera to take photos install 'Wondershare PowerCam tool. There is every possibility to select filters, effects and panorama option is available to take photos from wide angles.Using PowerCam android app we can easily mix the colors which are not there and can remove the colors which are not needed by 'Color Splash'. The photos can also be shared easily in Social Networks. Android users can obtain PowerCam app from Google Play and the iPhone version can be obtained from goo.gl/494Uu

  • The free app Night Vision Camera& has been made to make possible to shoot photos in the night time. Read full details and download play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fingersoft.nightvisioncamera

  • It is general to change the edition tool after taking photos as sketch. To do so while taking photos, it is possible with 'Camera Fun Free' Android App. This most entertaining photography app includes 28 photo effects lens for your camera. Full details goo.gl/TwLhw

  • Camera Awesome app for iPhone and iPad will add additional features to camera and it's a special app for photography lovers. We can take photos with various special effects and can also do editing like a professional photographer. Get Camera Awesome App from iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/camera-awesome/id420744028?mt=8

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