CameraPro: Best Camera App for Nokia with Symbian

If Nokia smartphone is being used with Symbian OS then there is a special camera application readily available in OVi Store named ‘CameraPro‘.
CameraPro app providing fast and powerful access to various settings on your mobile phone photo and video camera
You can use CameraPro not only in touchscreen mobiles but also in general non-touchscreen mobiles. There are many facilities like ISO setting, Auto focus, White balance, Exposure, Flash, HDR Time, bit- and frame rates, etc. Photos with CameraPro app can be taken with ‘Self Timer’ and there are also useful options like ‘Anti-Shake’ and ‘Face Detection’.

Download Camera Pro Symbian App for Free from

There is another most relevant camera app like this – “Camera Plus” which is made with easy customizable user interface for fast capturing of photos and HD videos. For full details and to download Camera+ visit

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