Forget Internet Explorer or Firefox, this is Bob’s Browser

Or John’s Internet, or Mary’s Websites: Private! Because now anyone can personalize their very own Chromium browser with

Ideal for individuals looking for privacy on a home computer used by every member of their family, will help create a personalized browser just for you. In four easy steps, you can finally put an end to your mom accidentally opening your private mail, siblings deleting all your bookmarks and many of the other browser-related disasters that plague shared computer.

First, choose the name of your browser (I called mine Ben’s Brilliant Browser, because it is). Second, choose a picture from your computer to be your browser icon (I recommend a picture of yourself so no one gets confused about whose browser it is). Third, add some bookmarks so your browser is all set to go once it is loaded. And forth, pick a theme so your browser looks like no other.

Thereafter, a downloader file will appear on your desktop – or wherever else you saved it – and all you have to do is double click for your personalized browser to be installed. Based on the Google Chromium model, it will also have all the features, add-ons and extensions you can expect from a top web browser.

With a name, icon and theme unique to you, you can be guaranteed that no one will ever mistake your emails, bookmarks or online accounts for their own ever again. However, we can’t guarantee your nosey little sister won’t try and read your email anyway.

So give a try for a new and “uniquely you” way to keep your browsing private, your passwords safe and your bookmarks uncluttered.

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