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If you’re concerned about the dangers of downloading free games and apps, then is the place for you. The huge variety of free games and apps, with secure downloads for each makes it probably the biggest and the best software download website. Reliable rankings let you know which software works best.

Need Advice? Read What Experts Say or Try Editor’s Choice
When you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, it helps to get expert advice. From the downloads page you can select from Editor’s Choice category to choose an app that is reliable and secure. For more information, click the Magazine tab for extensive reviews, ratings, evaluations and analyses.

From the start, Botbi catered to a global audience and secured thousands of users from numerous different countries. Groups of internal and external editors express their choice of software, based on its pros and cons. These users provide their input right on the Botbi website, where you research and download all at once.

All of the articles are clearly organized by category, so that you can find what you need, when you need it without wasting hours searching the web.

Games, Games and More Games
With a great selection of games, Botbi is a paradise for any gamer. Games range from educational games for children to strategy and racing games for adults.

Not Just Games & Apps – Real Software for Your Computer Too
If you’re not happy with Internet Explorer, there are other options. But which one to choose? You can compare browsers and find full reviews of all browsers, along with recommendation on the best browser for your needs. If you are tech-savvy, you can even download software for file sharing, server software, data backup and storage, and server management.

Save Money and Save Time – It’s All Free
you can download thousands of different software and games for free, without the hassle of registration or going through a payment procedure. When you need an app, just log on to the secure download website and within minutes you’re done.

Want to Know What Others are Downloading?
Go to the “Top Downloads” and “Top Searches” sections to see which apps and games everyone is looking for, and then download them for yourself.

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