Adding Dislike Button to Facebook Required or Not?

Looking back into archives there’s a post titled Cool Facebook Style Like and Dislike Self Inking Stamps Set which I see as a cool stuff to own. Everyone on Facebook is familiar with the like button but do you really think adding dislike button to Facebook is required?

Facebook is already receiving many requests to add dislike button which when added helps in making people know the exact scenario about their posts and photos on Facebook. It really helps to dislike such posts bearing expressions of hate and false propaganda.

Some Facebook users think that we shouldn’t have dislike button because if we aren’t clicking like then it already means we don’t like! By having a dislike button lot of people on Facebook would be discouraged for their updates and so it adds negativeness. They want Facebook to be a positive experience, and adding a dislike button is just as bad as saying it in comments and also in most cases it may not be used in a fun way but it would only lend its hand to bullying and harassment on Facebook.

I think it would really help having a dislike button only in cases when someone posts something sad or they have lost a loved one, we can just dislike and maybe not post anything in comment section. Disliking a post has diverse meanings and here we’re disliking what has occurred but because of this duality sometimes it might come off as “I don’t give a damn” which isn’t good for any friendship.

What do you think? A dislike button would throw in far to many risk or is it required?

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