Useful Software for Cleaning Windows PC

Wise Disk Cleaner is a cleaning tool that cleans unnecessary files from your system like temporary files, history, cookies and auto-complete form history of all popular browsers.

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Wise Disk Cleaner also frees up valuable disk space by removing Windows junk files like recycle bin, log files and recent documents thus making your computer speedy.

Additionally this freeware tool also includes disk defragmentation feature to defragment files on the hard disk which greatly improves system performance.

Revo Uninstaller is an uninstall and cleaning tool that fully removes unnecessary software installed on your computer. It is particularly helpful when you install many unused programs in the PC which definitely decreases system performance. In such circumstances, as part of the system first-aid you’ve to remove the unwanted programs and for that Revo Uninstaller is the number-one tool.

Here’s the video tutorial on how to uninstall programs using Revo Uninstaller.

As you can see in the video, Revo Uninstaller show the list of all programs installed in the system and browsing one-by-one you can uninstall the not required programs. After uninstalling scanning can be performed for finding the traces of the respective uninstalled programs in the system such as leftover files, folders and old registry items and they can be deleted. After doing this, nowhere in the system and registry you will find the traces of uninstalled programs.

There is another software tool named “PC Decrapifier” which is just like Revo. Upon running, it searches everything on the PC and shows before us all installed programs. We can select and remove unwanted programs, unnecessary startup items and icons. To read more and download PC Decrapifier visit

What about file recovery when deleted any important file by mistake?

We save important files in the hard disk. Unknowingly or accidentally if any of those important files are deleted we need not worry for the loss as we can get back those deleted files by installing a free tool named ‘Recuva’.

Using Recuva we can recover not only lost files on system hard disk and USB drive, but also photos from digital camera in camera memory card can be recovered. There is also a possibility to get back deleted music from MP3 players and iPod. Using Recuva’s deep scan we can get back most of the unexpected deleted files deeply-buried even after we’ve formatted the drive.
For more information and download link visit

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