How to Make Facebook Photos to Be Seen By Just Friends

It happens quiet often that we’ve seen some of our photos being used by friends of friends who are people we actually don’t know at all and have never met or communicated with as a Facebook friend. All our photos on Facebook shared with public can be seen by anyone on Facebook and so it can sometimes lead to identity theft as anyone can download our photos and they can be used. By making a way to filter whom is allowed to see our photos we can keep all our Facebook photos privacy to strictly for our friends only and not let strangers being able to see or download our photos.

Here’s how we can stop public from seeing or downloading our photos on Facebook and by doing this we can safely keep our photos on Facebook to be seen by just friends and not public or friends of friends.

When sharing photos we can manage privacy for our photos with provided ‘inline audience selector’ option using which we can choose the rightful audience for our photos, for us it’s friend.

Manage Facebook Photos Privacy with Inline Audience Selector

Not just photos but to make all our future posts to be seen by friends only, we’ve go into the privacy settings and set our sharing audience to ‘friends’ only and that should limit who sees our posts or photos we share in the future.

Manage Who can see my stuff on Facebook

And what about old posts we already shared? To change the audience for the past posts shared with friends of friends or public to friends only, we’ve to go into the Privacy Settings and Tools ► Who can see my stuff? and click ‘Limit Old Posts’.

Facebook privacy setting to limit audience for old posts

After doing this all the content we posted on our timeline can now be seen by friends only. If we want to change the audience for only photos we posted on our timeline i.e to make sure all our old photos can no longer be viewed by public, we’ve go to photos activity log and change the shared with audience of individual photos to friends only. Here’s how it can be done:

=> Click the lock icon at the upper right of your screen and choose “Who can see my stuff?” and from the drop-down menu click on “Use Activity Log”

Activity Log on Facebook

In the left-hand side options, click Photos ► Your Photos. At the top we can see ‘Shared with:’ set to See All, click and choose Public or Friend of Friends.

Your Facebook Photos Shared with Public, Friends of Friend or Friends Activity Log

This will give all our photos we shared with Public or Friend of Friends. Now we can change the audience for individual photos to friends only by clicking where we see a world/globe symbol and set it to friends.

Change Audience for Your Facebook Photos Shared with Public or Friends of Friends to Friends only.

For albums we’ve created we can change the audience for all the photos added to the album easily by selecting the audience for the album itself.

How to Make Facebook Photos to Be Seen By Just Friends 1

Here’s the conclusion: We can successfully make all our timeline photos, profile pictures, album photos to be seen by just friends but cover photos are set to public by default and cannot be changed.

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