Play Blocky Roads 3D Car Racing Game on Android

Blocky Roads is a unique 3d car racing game for Android that features beautiful voxel graphics and in which you have to move forward showing your driving skills on 12 different tracks. It’s 46 MB in size and provides only 3 tracks out of 12 for free while the rest have to be purchased but it’s totally worth it for an hour or two of fun.

Blocky Roads 3d car racing game on Android
If we think that the tracks will be smooth is not correct. The tracks will be challenging with so many obstructions that will test our skills to move ahead avoiding all those and achieve a score.

We can explore this unique blocky adventure selecting one of the 9 cars provided or with the ‘Car Editor’ we can build and paint our own car as desired block by block.

Blocky Roads is available in the Play Store at

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