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Zzed is somewhat a different puzzle game, it’s a puzzle-shooter with a space twist. We feel that we are playing the game in space. This is an action-puzzle game with exciting storyline and loveable characters like Zzed who had to take the job of space waste management to be able to marry his lovely green alien sweetheart Zzuma.


As Zzed, you have to shoot colored balls from the gun using the left mouse button which is to be matched. Three or more of the same color match up and detonate and while doing matching some bonus offers will come and those are rockets, bombs and power containers. With these, we can shoot meteoroids which approach before us and avoid colliding with them. The whole game is played with mouse only. Zzed’s spaceship which shoots and destroy the space garbage will move, if we click right mouse button. The game is so made with beautiful graphics and attractive sounds. Total thrilling levels in this shooter game are 60.

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