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The Mushroom Age is all about the journey our heroine, Vera desperately in search of her lover and fiancée, Tom who went missing before their wedding. This is an investigating puzzle adventure game made up of attractive graphics. Mushroom Age on Windows Screenshot
The play will start from a Scientist’s laboratory where Tom works and that is the first Chapter. Upon starting the game, the Scientist in the laboratory will appear and speaks to you and from there your investigation and search for missing young scientist Tom starts.

I am Professor Einbock, the director of this laboratory. Not Einstein.
Carefully verifying the instruments in the lab, the puzzle is to be completed. After completion of this, in the next chapters and levels, you have to complete the investigation solving interesting puzzles and playing mini-games with crazy characters like a pre-historic caveman, Socrates, Nostradamus and also with characters from the future like robots and gigantic intelligent mushrooms.

Mushroom Age full version game is available for free download at

For Android users, Mushroom Age is available in the Play Store.

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