Product Review for SysTools PDF Toolbox

As a product analyzer with my point of view I can say that SysTools PDF Toolbox version 1.0 is a marvelous software specifically developed for use in digital forensics. This tool has been designed mainly for Windows OS and supports all editions of Windows operating system including Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. This might be due to the fact that though some newer operating systems have evolved in the recent days Windows still remains the most widely used.

Purpose Of PDF Toolbox In Forensics

The Crime rate is increasing day by day all over the world whose investigation is important. But reaching the culprit without evidence really gets almost impossible. So many criminals roam about freely due to shortage of facts and it is tougher for investigators to produce proof to the court of law. And sometimes the innocent are forced to suffer and get justice. Also sometimes the witnesses fail to appear before the judiciary.

In such cases PDF Toolbox serves as one of the most reliable tools that assist detectives in carrying out their paper work easily and in an authentic way. The reason why PDF format has been chosen as the favorable format is due to the reason that PDF file format is used to present documents in a manner independent of the application software and hardware. Each PDF file comprises a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document including text, fonts, graphics, images, etc.

System Requirements for PDF Toolbox

The tool works incredibly with minimum system requirements such as:

  • Support – Windows 10, 8.1 and below editions.
  • Memory (RAM) – 512 MB though 1 GB is recommended.
  • Hard Disk Space – Only 5 MB free HDD space is required.
  • Processor – 1 GHz though 2.4 GHz is advocated.

Note 1 – So, once these system requirements are met the software can be installed for usage, and numerous facilities can be availed. All the characteristic features are described in detail further in the page.

Note 2 – On knowing the facilities in detail that the application offers; it would be easy for users to get acquainted with the software. It would also certainly help in exploiting each and every minute feature.

4 Main Works The PDF Toolbox Software Can Perform

It is an all-in-one tool that provides multiple options such as compression, conversion and extraction of images as well as text data of and from PDF files. What attracts the most in the tool is that it can perform these operations with number of PDF files at a time i.e. in batches, thereby saving time. This is indeed a very valuable characteristic because the time factor matters to almost everyone and it is the want of almost all users to get instant and quick results. SysTools PDF Toolbox can:

✓ Compress PDF file and reduce the file size.
✓ Convert PDF files into PDF/A format.
✓ Extract images from PDF pages.
✓ Filter out text data from PDF file type page.
✓ Add text data in any page of PDF file.

SysTools PDF Toolbox Options - Compress PDF, Convert PDF/A, Extract Images, Extract Text

Overwhelming Features That The PDF Toolbox Provides

Batch conversion of PDF files into PDF/A format

A Number of PDF files can be converted into PDF/A format so that the PDF files can be accessed in any other small sized mobile devices all at once which saves time.
Convert PDF/A and reduce the effort of editing the text or image in PDF format

Selective PDF files can be used for extraction of images

PDF files can be selected from which required image has to be extracted or also all PDF files can be chosen to pull out images.
Extract images from PDF format

Allows extracting & adding text in multiple PDF files at once

The tool also allows adding and extracting text in various PDF files all together at once which saves time and makes the work faster.
Extract particular text or entire PDF text

Apply changes on all; even, odd, range or specific PDF file pages

Changes are applied to all pages of the PDF file without discrimination to any specific page or based on whether the page in the file is even or odd in numbering.
Page Options for PDF Compress

Supports Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.0 and all below versions

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is available in several versions and so the tool is built in such a way to support almost all the PDF files created by different editions.

Enhanced Setting Options Furnished In The Tool

Each of the 4 functions that PDF Toolbox provides offers advanced setting options that proves highly useful for its users. Some of the setting alternatives that the user can gain with the product are as follows:

  • The position of text, images, page number can be set according to need and requirement.
  • Both text and image can be added on the header or footer of the files as per requirement.
  • The size of the images to be added in the PDF file can be adjusted according to need.

Note – After knowing the characteristics of the tool, it is a general want of everyone to try the tool, but many people do not find it as a good approach in investing without satisfaction. Therefore, a trial version is offered by the company.

Demo Version Available At Zero Pricing

The demo version can be downloaded free of cost from the company’s official website but with certain limitation. The trial version can also be seen as an advantage as it lets users to check the performance and the functionality before actually investing in it but with certain limitation.

Trial Restrictions – The demo release of PDF Toolbox software provides for its users PDF management tasks with limits mentioned below:

  1. Adds company’s watermark to processed output file and
  2. Procedures only first half part (half number of pages) for ‘Extract Text’ option only.

Full Edition Available Without Limitation – The licensed version removes all the limitations present in demo version i.e. it removes the company’s watermark from the worked upon PDF files and processes all pages for ‘extract text’ choice. The activation licenses are available in three formats such as:

  1. Personal Activation
  2. Business Activation
  3. Enterprise Activation

However the price of all these three licenses varies and any one of them can be bought depending on the requirement. The licenses can be availed online or through resellers if users do not want to make the purchase online.

Note – The difference between the two (full & free release) can be better understood from the table given below:

Add PDF files & folderYesYes
Option to merge & split PDFYesYes
Option to compress PDF filesYesYes
Choice to extract text or images from PDF file pageYesYes
Compatible with all Windows editionsYesYes
Supports Adobe Acrobat 11.0 and below versionYesYes
Save PDF files without demo watermarkNoYes

Though the tool incorporates self explanatory stepwise procedure to accomplish the functionality, the company provides dedicated technical support service. The technicians can be reached out through several means such as: Phone, Email and Live Chat.

Penning Down Views About The Tool

The SysTools PDF Toolbox application ( almost fulfills almost everything that a user expects. As such till now no drawbacks have been found. However, if anybody finds out any limits feedback to the company can always be suggested.

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