5 Best Android Office Apps

Not only in the PC, but also on Android mobile phones and tablets we can create office documents and can edit and view them. There are suitable Android office apps readily available for that purpose and among those office apps, Polaris Office app is one of the best. Here is a list of 5 best office android apps.

Here are 5 Best Office Apps for Android Devices

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Quickoffice can be used with our Google Account and we save our work in Google Drive. Using Quickoffice along with viewing also creating and editing of Office documents like Word, Excel and PowerPoint can also be done.

There is an Android office app being used widely in Android mobile phones and tablets, that is ‘Kingsoft Office‘. It supports 23 kinds of file formats including PDF. For new fonts Cloud Fonts can be utilized. Through File Tabs multiple documents can be accessed. The file manager in Kingsoft Office will support the cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.net

There is another Android Office app which makes the documents more attractive, that is Polaris Office. Using Polaris Office there is a possibility for changing the colours used for fonts and backgrounds. Images can be inserted into documents. It works linked with cloud storage services. There are more than 300 editing features in Polaris Office.

Documents To Go app is available to utilize the Office files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) stored in PC to synchronize into the mobile app. To undo and redo in the documents, it is enough if the mobile is shaken.

Zoho Docs in another Android office app which is quite popular on Android mobiles. Documents stored in our online Zoho account at docs.zoho.com can be accessed in our android devices and edited.

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  1. We all know that Android is right now the leader in the world of Mobile. And really they are going too fast in every genre of technology. Office is the must requirement for any mobile and also for any user. It really helps us in cultivating more powerful results through our mobiles. Really thanks for providing such a nice collection of apps for Android mobiles.

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