How to Combine PDF Files – Step by Step with Screenshots

The use of big data is becoming ever-present in the last couple of years, with no apparent sign of stopping in the near future, and these data analysis jobs are highly sought after nowadays. Although quite obvious, drawing conclusions from colossal amounts of data is a tremendously difficult, and a very tedious task at the same time. People who are employed in this niche are always on the lookout for new ways and techniques that can aid them in their hard work. A big part of data analysis is in observing and understanding massive quantities of information to draw intelligent conclusions and predictions that can help a company in the long run.

The problem with data analysis lies in the fact that not all pieces of information are kept together, in one document. It may happen that not all data is found by the same source or at the same time. That’s why the data is collected and saves in different documents which makes data analysis harder. Luckily, there is a way to have all data together. You can actually combine files together and have all information in one place.

Since most of the files are kept in PDF form, it is natural that there are many tools and apps that can combine PDF files, and not other file formats.

One such tool is PDF Converter Elite 5 and here you can combine PDF files by using this newly-released program: How to Combine PDF Files - PDF Converter Elite 5 can combine PDF files or merge PDF files easily First download the PDF Converter Elite program here. Once you start the program, click on the Open button. After you’ve located the first PDF, the following step is to select the Edit button, also found on the upper part of the screen.

How to Combine PDF Files? PDF Converter Elite is a PDF management software with the ability to create, edit and convert PDF documents. Especially, the PDF Converter Elite software can merge PDF files or combine PDF files quickly and easily. After you click on the Edit button an additional bar will open on the right side of the monitor, just choose the Merge PDF Files option.
PDF Converter  Elite - Edit PDF - Merge PDF Files - Split PDF Files After you click on Merge PDF Files option, Open dialogue box appears for you to select the PDF document you want to merge with the already opened PDF. Then the PDF merging box will appear in the middle of the screen, with a couple of options which we’ll gradually cover. Merge PDF Files The first two boxes refer to the parts of the new PDF document you’re looking to merge with the already opened PDF, and you can fine-tune the starting and the ending page. Merge PDF Files - Set First Page and Last Page of PDF document you want to merge The third option is to select where will the new PDF starts, relative to the existing PDF, and you can precisely pinpoint its location. To insert the new PDF page(s) to the end of the existing PDF document set “Before Page” option to “End of Document” Merge PDF Files - To insert the new PDF pages to the end of the existing PDF document set Before Page to End of Document The only remaining thing to do is to click on the Merge button, and the two separate PDF files will now become one. Merge PDF Files To finish everything, select the Save option and that is pretty much it! PDF Converter Elite - Save PDF after Merging PDF Files This operation can be repeated in an unlimited amount of times, so if you need several (or more) PDF files merged into one, you’ll have no issues with achieving that effect. Also, if you require this new PDF to be in another file format, using this PDF conversion tool you can quickly convert a PDF to one of more editable formats available. PDF Converter Elite can also edit scanned PDF documents. PDF Converter Elite uses the latest OCR technology which enables successful conversions of scanned PDF documents.


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