5 Breakthrough Medical Gadgets For Diagnosing Heart Disease

A doctor is a superhero image to his or her patients. Unfortunately, unlike superheroes, they don’t have highly convenient supernatural powers to make their life saving job easier. They rely on years of study to develop their skills and knowledge, not to mention hours and hours of sleepless nights.

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With the growing number of people suffering from long term obesity and diabetes, it is almost predictable that the cases of people with heart disease would also increase. Medical equipment are one of the backbones of medical diagnoses of these heart conditions. The classic ones include sphygmomanometers for blood pressure monitoring and stethoscopes for auscultation of breath and heart sounds. Stethoscope cases are also handy to protect your stethoscope from being damaged or contaminated. Aside from these, technology has also been improving health care nonstop. Among the new inventions are the following breakthrough medical gadgets for diagnosing heart disease that could help make doctors’ lives and services better. Check them out:

1. One Digital Stethoscope by Thinklabs

Thinklabs One is probably one of the smallest stethoscopes ever invented. It’s so small it could fit right inside your pocket. But don’t let its size fool you because tiny it may seem, this stethoscope is equipped with many useful features to help doctors and medical practitioners diagnose diseases well.

The One Digital Stethoscope has an amplification of more than 100x compared to a conventional stethoscope. You could plug your headphones on it and you could hear the sounds that the stethoscope has recorded. The One stethoscope could also be connected to mobile devices, computers, and other recording devices so your recording is accessible any time and anywhere.

2. Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200 by Littmann®

This stethoscope manufactured by one of the leading suppliers in the world, Littmann, could record and save 30-second auscultations of up to 12 patients. It also features Ambient Noise Reduction technology so say goodbye to 80% of those unwanted noises you hear when auscultating your patient. Model 3200 also amplifies the sound that you hear for up to 24x so doctors could never go wrong in their assessment.

Like many other stethoscopes, this electronic stethoscope allows you to choose between bell and diaphragm mode. Sounds recorded could be transmitted through Bluetooth technology using its Bluetooth adaptor.

3. AV400 Vein Viewing System by AccuVein

Venipuncture is a skill that takes practice to perfect. If you have little experience in venipuncture, every attempt could lead to anxiety on your part and discomfort for your patient. Good thing AccuVein has developed a breakthrough device for this very issue with the invention of AV400 Vein Viewing System.

This handheld device could make intravenous access even easier to perform. Being able to visualize the veins on the surface of the skin for up to 10 millimeters deep, it could ensure that the venipuncture procedure would be quick, with lesser chance of making mistakes and reinsertions, and minimal patient discomfort. The AV400 Vein Viewing System is so light it only weighs 275 grams, making it easy to carry around as doctors go on rounds.

4. Kardia Mobile Portable EKG Device by AliveCor

How awesome is it to monitor your heart rhythm through your fingertips using a device as big as a finger? Well, AliveCor thought it would be cool as well, not to mention highly innovative.

Your typical electrocardiogram machine (EKG or ECG) includes wires and leads that need to be attached to your chest in order to get a proper reading of your heart’s electrical conduction. It is a tool that facilitates the diagnosis of certain heart conditions. However useful your conventional portable EKG is, there’s no denying the fact that it’s still kinda bulky.

With Kardia Mobile, all you need to do is put your fingers on its pads and within 30 seconds, you would have an accurate heart rhythm and heart rate value which you could visualize in real time using your smartphone!

5. VScan Extend Ultrasound by GE Healthcare

Ultrasound devices are gold standard diagnostic tools. Now imagine having one inside your pocket that you carry anywhere you go. VScan Extend makes physical assessment and visualization of your patient’s inner organs possible anywhere. Very convenient and space-saving, this device features a touch-screen interface and wireless connection for easy access and documentation of results.

If there is a certain industry that would benefit most from advanced technology, it is health care. With the emergence of new and more resilient diseases left and right, utilization of these new technological advancement is a promising way to save not only invaluable lives but also medical costs.

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