5 Common SEO Mistakes that You Should Avoid

SEO solutions are meant to help site owners create content, which will make it possible to optimize the website. Having added little tricky keywords, you can find a path to your target audience, which needs to know more about the issues that you discuss or products and services that you offer to buy. Implement SEO for blogger to get more followers within a short timeframe. Just keep it in mind: SEO is only efficient when you manage to overcome common mistakes.

Attempts to attract buyers by offering free cheese

Free Cheese in a Mousetrap

Free Cheese in a Mousetrap
Credit: Photo By Henry Oliner | www.rebelyid.com

If you are eager to improve sales figures by attracting the maximum possible number of visitors to your pages, stay away from the “cheapest” method. What I mean is adding the “magic word” “free” on commercial pages. Yes, this is a sure-fire way to attract more users to your website. The trouble is that 90% of such visits will not last longer than several seconds and such users will not buy anything. Having asked your copywriter to include this word on your commercial pages, you start attracting “wrong” audience. These people are looking for something that is free of charge, and they will leave the website once they find out that your resource offers misleading information.

Remember: “free” is one of the wrong keywords for commercial pages! This rule is well applied when creating anchor list for external link building, for example “Visite o site”. A student attracted by the offer of free quality essay samples will hardly express a desire to order custom essay for an affordable price, though many other students are looking for where to get such assistance in writing. Misleading users, you will not find your target audience.

Extremely fast growth of link mass

It seems that nothing is so impressive as the rapid increase of link mass that gives hope for just as rapid augmentation of sales figures. But when we talk about the efficient strategy of link building, we should aim at gradual changes. Instead of trying to break the Internet within the minimal timeframe, do your best to make it seem natural. The number of links should increase gradually, and they should have varied nature.

This wrong step is on the list of top common mistakes. The matter is that search engines treat massive purchase of external links as proof of fraud and marks your research as spamming. Thus, such “link explosion” leads to even lower ranking.

Adding gigantic amounts of content which is not ranked for keywords

The phrase “quality content attracts users to the site” makes people rush to add more and more materials on their pages. Some of them spend time and effort in vain. The matter is that in this case the term “quality content” means that the material you choose to offer on the pages of your resource should be properly represented in regard to SEO. Thus, even valuable information can fail to contribute to your ranking. Create content wisely!

When you add great amounts of content, for instance, 2000 pages, out of which only 800 are ranked by at least one keyword, Google estimates your whole website as a low-quality resource. Consequently, your main pages won’t get high ranks for high-frequency requests.

Your content should be not only useful for a website visitor but must also include elements, which are evaluated by search engines as material of high value. To optimize the website, ascertain that these keywords are evenly distributed. Another valuable detail: to help search engines find your website attractive from the point of view of SEO parameters, you should also ascertain that your site structure works for you.

Wrong anchors for internal linking

Common SEO Mistakes: Wrong Anchors for Internal Link Building

Internal Link Building
Credit: Image By James Natoli | www.cluedesign.com.au

The choice of anchors for inner linking is a core moment when talking about the efficiency of SEO measures, be it related to the website optimization or social media. Your excessive efforts can make two pages compete with one another. The only correct approach in this concern is to choose the anchor, which is ranked on the page of an acceptor. Furthermore, not to cause undesirable consequences, you are to apply interlinking within one cluster.

Tactics leading to high level of bounce rate

If 80% of your visitors leave the website within two seconds, It is a shot across the bow. Google takes into account these parameters when evaluating how informative your content is for a user and ranks your pages lower. Something IS wrong, and you are to fix it! The reasons can vary, but in the majority of cases, these are some of the most common mistakes: irrelevant requests, content which is not informative or hardly readable, outdated design. Subject to scrutiny every aspect of your presentation and take measures to improve them.

These are some of the most “well-loved” mistakes occurring due to carelessness or lack of knowledge of those who take website optimization on themselves. Take them into account to find your resource on top sooner.

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