Reasons to Use Digital Showers with Digital Shower Controls

When it comes to enhancing a shower experience digital shower controls are the way to go. Long gone are the days when we had to play around with shower faucets to get the right water temperature for a bath or shower. Now, with the advancing of bathroom shower systems, we have the luxury of using digital showers to avoid such hassles.

What are digital showers and digital shower controls?

A digital shower is a shower system that you can control using a digital thermostat. The name digital means that you don’t have to use manual controls anymore to manage your water temperature. The shower system comes with a digital panel on which you can key in the exact water temperature you desire. It means you can have your perfect shower at the touch of a button, which is an excellent way to make things easy in the bathroom. A digital shower system is routine-changing smart home technology that allows you to rule your bathing experience!

In the past, before the advent of digital showers, it was the norm to step into the shower and have to endure a cold blast of water before your water gets to the temperature you desire. You had to stand there and fiddle with the hot and cold water faucet until the water got to the temperature you wanted. Today, by installing a digital shower system, such occurrences are a thing of the past. Using the digital control panel you can choose the shower experience you want by pressing a few buttons. It allows you to only turn the water on when you are sure it’s at the right temperature.

Digital showers can work as they do because they come with an inbuilt thermostat that does the magic. When you key in the temperature you need for your shower water, the shower processing unit goes to work. It mixes the cold water and hot water in your plumbing to the temperature you desire. The in-built thermostat controls the temperature so that you get the exact water temperature you key into the shower panel. Therefore, with digital shower controls, you can forget those days when you used to step into the shower expecting hot water only to get a blast of cold water on your body.

Other Benefits of Digital Showers and Digital Shower Controls

– For all water heating systems

Apart from precise water temperature delivery, a digital shower is an excellent investment because it works with all types of water heating systems. It means that if you decide you want to install a digital shower in your home today, it will be a simple exercise. You don’t have to worry about overhauling your entire water system just to fit in a new shower. It saves you a lot of times and money in this way.

– Set water temperature once and for all

Once you install a digital shower in your home, you will be surprised at the other ways it can make your life easy. Let’s start with the fact that it allows you to program the water temperature you prefer into the system once and for all. You will be sure that every time you walk into your shower cubicle and put on the water, you will get it at the exact temperature you prefer. Its an excellent bathroom addition for people that have precise preferences in life such as the water temperature they prefer to bath in.

– Remote control use

There is also the option of controlling your shower from up to ten meters away if you choose a digital shower system with Bluetooth connectivity. How great is that? It means that even if you live in a household with people that have different temperature preferences, you can still shower with water at the exact temperature you desire. Digital Showers with Digital Shower Controls. Control the Shower Using Your Smartphone So say you are in the bedroom and preparing for a shower, you just use your digital shower remote control to set the water to the temperature you prefer. In this way its convenient and offers ease of use that many regular showers cannot. You can even purchase a unit that allows you to control the shower using your phone.

– Different kind of digital shower systems

There are also a variety of digital showers to choose from depending on the type of shower system you have in your home. Some work best with high-pressure plumbing systems while others work better with gravity fed water systems. It doesn’t matter the kind of water pressure you have in your bathroom as you are sure to find a digital shower that will work for you. 

– Suitable for any bathroom model or design

Bathroom designs differ from one house to another. Well, no matter the kind of bathroom design you have, you will find a digital shower that will blend in. For example, some digital showers allow you to conceal the valves while others will allow you to expose parts of the shower system depending on your bathroom design. 

You can also choose from a variety of shower heads to suit your bathroom decor so it’s not one design fits all. It’s up to you to purchase the type of digital shower and digital shower controls that work well with your bathroom design for a harmonious look.

– LED lighting and other features

You will also find that many digital shower controls have LED lights that show you when your water is at the temperature you desire. You can also have a digital shower with controls that allow you to incorporate various experiences such as steam shower and music.

It means you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to your shower head and have steam jets to massage away the pressures of a tiring day. They also come with a variety of shower heads that offer different water pressures depending on your preference. Best of all you will find various stylish finishes such as chrome or ceramic among others that are beautiful and durable.

These are a few benefits of digital showers you can experience if you get one for your house. It’s important to move with the times when it comes to home decor and plumbing systems. When you choose to install a digital shower with digital shower controls, you will enhance your life significantly. It will change your shower experience from drab to fab, and at the end of the day, you need that kind of experience in your life. So why don’t you get a digital shower for your home today!

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