Top 6 Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life

It has been almost ten years since the Android OS has been declared, and what a decade it has been. We utilize a mobile phone for lots of things. We play games, listen to songs, watch movies, and speak to one another on interpersonal networking. Another usage of smartphones would be to make our lives simpler with some mind blowing applications. In this article, I present you top 6 Android apps that are essential in our daily life.

Most Useful Android Apps

#1. MacroDroid

MacroDroid Android AppThis app is for users that would like to get items automated in their Android smartphone or tablet. Just choose the trigger, select the actions you like to automate and configure the particular settings. Also, it is possible to add a few limits as well for your endeavor.

The very best thing about this MacroDroid app is that there are far more than countless pre-configured templates which you could use to automate the work in your own Android smartphone.

#2. Bonrix VoIP Auto Dialer

Bonrix VoIP Auto Dialer Android App The Bonrix app has been designed for outbound call service for processing prospects through different kinds of VoIP Gateway. This android app has been developed for automated calling from Android established Mobile Handset, Tablets or background established telephone working on various VoIP established technologies.

No doubt, Bonrix VoIP is a good auto dialer app for android phones.

#3. KinScreen

KinScreen - Most Advanced Screen Control Android App Next, we’ve got the ideal app called as KinScreen, this app is really fantastic for readers who always struggle to maintain the Android screen alert using the thumb or extending the display timeout period.

KinScreen is a very simple app which records movement or orientation of the phone and keeps the display awake without your interaction with the screen.

There are a couple of additional features in the app to test out. Programmers have done a comprehensive review of precisely the same, so you can take a look by visiting the app in Play Store.

#4. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager Android App cover image LastPass password manager permits you to store your login credentials in a really safe and protected manner. One master password is all you need with LastPass it handles the rest. You might even create secure random passwords to be used in your account. Together with its mother app, LastPass Authenticator, it’s quite secure. It’s cross-platform so that you may use on mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

#5. Dumpster

Dumpster Android App: Recover My Deleted Documents, Picture and Video Files The fifth app on the list is Dumpster that is now my current favorite. To describe the application in a most straightforward possible manner, all I will say that it is similar to the recycle bin of Windows.

Once the Dumpster app is installed, every time you delete a document, a picture or a video it’ll be kept in the Dumpster for a couple of days until it gets deleted automatically. This condition may have a fail-safe for all of your documents in your own Android smartphone. It can be quite beneficial if you see, you have deleted any document by error and restoring back could be a massive task for you. Using Dumpster app you can quickly and easily recover and restore your accidentally deleted documents, video and picture files.

#6. Cider iOS Emulator for Android

CIDER - Run iOS Apps on Android Smartphone Using iOS Emulator Apps This iOS Emulator for Android is somewhat different than other apps, but much more useful in my humble view. This app helps you to use the Apple iOS applications on your Android smartphone.

You just need to install the APK file of this iOS emulator and you are good to go. You will get complete look and features of Apple’s iOS apps on Android phone.

Final Words:

These were the best android applications that are useful in our daily life. I hope you have enjoyed this list of useful android apps. Share your views about these apps in the comments box below.

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