10 Killer SEO Landing Page Tips

SEO Landing Page Tips

SEO Landing Pages attract visitors in search of a particular product and increase the user’s contact within your website. They directly send visitors to a more detailed page within your site. Optimally they encourage visitors to click, buy, tell friends, learn something and give permission for follow ups. There is no secret to being on Google’s page one in the search results. However, here are 10 SEO tips to get your landing page ranking.

1. Use a Similar Design to Your Website

Your landing page should look similar to your website. However, avoid anything that will distract the user from taking the desired action.

Ensure that your page is clean and avoid any videos or ads that will entice the user to click elsewhere. Research on your target audience and use this to decide on the navigation level and page elements to include.

2. Regularly Publish Content

Post the latest articles and forum discussion topics based on keywords. Base the topic of the SEO landing page on a distinct product or service, answers to a specific question that a visitor searches for, or focus on a geographical area. Hiring a product content optimization and writing service, will help you write SEO and user-friendly content.

For example, if your company has several products, it would be best to create landing pages for each of the major products and include accurate descriptions or solutions. This will increase the chances of a high ranking in a search.

3. Spread Links Around

Make the home page and deep pages have a natural ratio by spreading links. Also use a variety of anchor texts to the targeted pages. Ensure that you avoid different versions of similar keywords.

Use generic and product specific keywords and accommodate for the user finding something related to these and then present a call to action.

4. Track Your Visitors

Track your visitors and make changes and tweaks to your landing pages to optimize user experience. A good example is realizing that your landing unintentionally drives heavy traffic from a search phrase you did not focus on. Use this to modify and convert this traffic to your landing page.

5. Use Call-Only Campaigns

Call to business result in more sales than clicks. Increase sales by using a call-only campaign. Do this by including a phone number on your landing page. This will allow your visitors to call the business directly from the ad.

6. Use the Customer’s Voice

Most landing pages use shady buzzwords and terms to market their products. This is especially common in start-up businesses which prefer complicated language. According to Alp Perez, founder at A Plus Digital, technical terms should always be used by simple terms.

7. Create a Killer Call to Action

Is your call to action “Submit”? If yes then it is time to change that. Use words such as “I Want to”, “Try Me” and “Get Help” as your call to action. A strong call to action will make all the difference in getting conversions.

8. Mobile-Friendly Landing Page Forms

Allow your visitors to buy something while on the go. Mobile ads enable customers to buy stuff at that moment. Make your landing page form mobile friendly so that it is effortless for the client to fill in.

9. Maintain a Consistent Message Between Ads and Landing Pages

Ensure that what the ad promises fulfills the expectations of the visitor when they get to the landing page. Any disconnect will frustrate visitors and make them feel cheated. It may even result in negative feedback which will decrease your sales.

10. Be Concise

Online prospects mostly have little time for long and irrelevant words. Keep your words short and to the point. Make your headline stand out to capture the visitor’s attention and entice them to click. The headline should be clear and positioned on the page to stand out.

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