5 Netflix TV Series That Will Have You Hooked From The First Episode

With phones and technology advancing faster than my caffeine addiction, my attention span has embarrassingly dwindled over the years. First impressions count – and when I decide to branch out and watch a new TV show which I haven’t seen before, the first episode has a window of about 20 minutes to catch my interest. After filing through the conglomerate of Netflix Shows, I found five series which managed the near-impossible of having me hooked from the first episode. Get Netflix and then get Comfy this movie season with a modular lounge suite from Domayne Australia. If you are looking to download any movie or TV show you like to watch in HD video quality or want to stream it for free then we would recommend you to go to the Putlockerhub and enjoy your favorite movies & TV shows online in 720p/1080p HD quality.

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5 Netflix TV Series That Will Have You Hooked From The First Episode

1. ‘The Sinner’

After a shock and baffling murder, one detective attempts to pick apart the trauma and past of the murderer and what led to this violent eruption. For a tense drama, relax back in the Ramba Fabric Modular Lounge. Featuring slow-release premium foam and soft upholstery, this Australian made modular suite encompasses support and style sure to keep you comfortable for your viewing.

2. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

A happy-go-lucky yet crucial detective to the Brooklyn police department, Jake Perolta, has his carefree vibe flipped on its head when his new commanding officer comes into charge. Imposing rules and order to a haphazard department, follow the Brooklyn Nine-Nine precinct through a hilarious look into their day-to-day lives as cops.

3. ‘Mad Men’

Set back in the era of the 1960’s a leading advertiser faces the intense rivalry and challenge in maintaining his success. Working in the relentless Madison Avenue firm, he attempts to balance the drama of work with his family life. Adapt your living room to 60’s inspired style with the Hammar Fabric Modular Lounge. With a large yet low set configuration and straight seat cushions, be thrown back into the luxury of Mad Men style and sophistication.

4. ‘Peaky Blinders’

Taking you back to 1919 in Birmingham, England, be transported into the post war era of criminal gangs and see what it takes to stay on top. Following one of the most notorious gangs, Thomas Shelby governs the Peaky Blinders and is opened to a world of corruption, distrust, power and tragedy.

5. ‘Skin Wars’

This competitive series takes ten experienced body painters to contest against each other to find the best body artist in their ranks. Blending humans into backgrounds through intricate designs, be amazed by the sheer talent and creativity of these individuals and the highs and lows of their journey in their fight to the top. Enjoy this family friendly adventure on the Ava Fabric Modular. Made with Highly resistant Nappa material and the capability to transform to different configurations, this lounge is kid friendly while still delivering impeccable style.

Be drawn into different worlds of drama, comedy and creativity through these shows on Netflix that will have you hooked from the first episode. Immerse yourself in the storylines in deep comfort with a modular suite to enhance each viewing experience.

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