Guaranteed Ways to Save 30% or More of Your Income

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A finance expert says that you should at least save x% of your income so it’ll go to your retirement savings. Some may say that 5% to 15% of savings is enough, but let’s be real, it’s just so small for a stable future. From these figures, you can tell that it won’t consistently satisfy your needs and emergency expenses for 5 years or more.

If you are having a hard time saving money, I recommend you to explore the beauty of the Digit savings app. This innovative app serves as your digital piggy bank, but the great thing about it is that it directly saves money for you then transfers that certain amount to your savings bank. Through Digit, your savings account is certain to be slowly increasing.

Saving an excellent and decent amount of money from your after-tax income every month, simply means that you are a little step closer to your dreams!

Listed below are my recommendations for you to save money from your salary:

1. Minimize your budget.

Setting limit and boundaries to your expenses doesn’t mean that you are suffering yourself. One of the few reasons why people can easily save money is they cut-off their expenses to necessities only. If you are earning less money, don’t worry because you can still save some, too.

Here are some expenses that can be lowered:

  • Minimize outdoor meals. Start channeling your inner cooking skills! You’re the master chef in your kitchen and make use of it. There’s a guarantee that your meal is safe because you personally prepared it, and home cooked meals are the best!
  • Pay your bills on time. Your goal here is not to forcefully pay for those unwanted late fees because you haven’t paid on-time. This case applies to all your utilities and fast loans from your trusted credit facilities.
  • Do DIY projects. Is there a project that you always wanted to do? Here is the right time for you to start it. Engaging your time to usefulness like this, minimizes your time and lessens your expenses instead of buying it on the department store.
  • Live in a cheaper yet comfortable home. It’s not like you really have to live in a box, what I mean is try to rent in a house with cheaper rent. What matters is the fact that you have good shelter and space is enough to accommodate your needs.
  • Don’t spend on ATM fees. Why do people have to pay this? It’s not necessary, stop squandering your money.
  • Bring your pack lunch. When you bring lunch at work it’ll lessen your expenses and you won’t be wasting your time traveling to get food outside the establishment. Home-cooked meals are the best!
  • Be keen on your fuel expense. Don’t use your car when your destination is near your place. Combine your trips so it’ll be practical in utilizing your fuel, and get a car that isn’t fuel-thirsty every minute. You know what I mean, right?

2. Make more money.

When you are making more money, you can reach an income percentage goal of over 50%. The amount of money that you can earn is endless and the opportunities are everywhere, too! You can do multiple side jobs, full-time work, freelance, create your own business and many more.

There are many things to try and work on for and here are they:

  • Apply for a virtual assistant role.
  • Do blogging. If you enjoy writing, sharing your experiences, and loves to give advice, then this one is great for you! After your article is published, its algorithm will constantly work and would be very helpful in making money even if the article is outdated.
  • Be a Lyft and UBER driver. Spend your spare time to serve others, by driving them safely to their desired destinations. This is a great money maker, too!
  • Start investing. If you want to get rid of your unstable finance, think of ways to invest your money. If you’re short in budget you can alternatively apply to banks or reputable licensed moneylender like Cash Mart Singapore for additional funds to back your investment plan. Even if the probability of surviving is small, you have to start to take risks sooner to avoid any regrets at the end.
  • Start doing online surveys. You will earn thousands of hundreds with these highly-recommended survey companies such as Harris Poll Online, VIP Voice, PaidSurveys, Survey Junkie, Prize Rebels, Clear Voice Surveys, PanelBucks, Product Report Card, SaySo4Profit, Survey Club, Survey Spot, YouGov, Opinion Outpost, ProOpinion and Pinecone Research.
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Nonetheless, whatever may be your ways to save money, what matters the most is that you’ll be able to continue what you’ve started. Set goals and achieve it sincerely. What you are enduring right now will only be for the meantime, but its aftermath will significantly change and affect you positively in a long-term duration. This will reflect your hard work and determination to be financially stable in the near future.

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