Samsung New Battery Technology

The tech world is advancing very quickly, and so many advancements keep coming into our lives that we have lost count! We think in the midst of new phones, laptops, and wearable technology, we keep forgetting the actual super-power – the battery!

Samsung New Battery Technology

We really think these are not spoken as much as they should because we often get lost in the gadgets themselves. But, did you know that the new battery technology is far from what you would think and expect? True, batteries had not gone through many changes in the past and with evolving devices, the battery ended up being the weak link, but things have changed now. There is so much innovation on this front that when you dig deep, you will feel like the future is already here.

In this article, we shall talk about the new battery technology that we can expect this year in Samsung devices.

From 0 to 100 in 12 minutes!

Samsung is rumored to change from lithium to graphene, which will fire up the battery within minutes. That means that within seconds you will have enough charge to use the phone easily and in 12 minutes you will have charged it fully. How amazing is that?

Recharge multiple times without worries

Samsung New Battery Technology. Samsung Graphene Battery 2019

Now, if Samsung decides to go with gold nanowire batteries, you will be in for another huge surprise. You can recharge these batteries multiple times without worrying about their lifespan. Tests are already underway, and the results so far have been very promising. The test batteries have apparently been recharged thousands of times in 3 months, and the batteries withstood all that burden without degrading one bit!

Convert AC to DC through the air

Yes, you read that right. Wireless inductive charging is almost a thing of the past now because presently, researchers are working hard to help you charge your phone through Wi-Fi. So, you won’t have to connect your device to any power source whatsoever when you want to charge it. It will just happen out of thin air!

Share power with another device

Samsung S10 launched recently. Did you watch the keynote? Did you see how they explained that you could charge your phone with the help of another? None of us could hide our shock! But, hey, it is true. No plug point around? Don’t worry. The new Samsung batteries can share power. Because sharing is caring!

The battery shall be intelligent

This has already happened. Didn’t we tell you that the future is here? We weren’t lying. The battery in the new Samsung phones can learn your usage patterns and routine, and adjust itself accordingly so that it saves power without your help.

The battery will fold soon

Foldable phones are in the market. How long before you can fold batteries too? Not very long, to be honest. The battery is apparently going to be very thin but also very tough at the same time.

They could be 3D!

Lastly, it seems like batteries could be 3D, making them very safe and non-flammable. Other benefits of this would be a better battery life, better density, and lower prices.

You could stretch them

A few engineers have developed a biofuel cell that draws energy from sweat and is, yes that’s right, stretchable. Right now, the technology is advanced enough to power Bluetooth radios, but if you think about it, you will realize that it is totally possible for batteries to be developed out of these biofuel cells.

They could be explosion-resistant

Every now and then we hear stories about phones exploding and killing the users. That’s a horrible way to die, isn’t it? Soon, you may not have to worry about this at all. A scientist named Mike Zimmerman developed batteries that are safe and have more capacity than the regular lithium-ion batteries. If everything goes well, these extremely thin batteries that are not flammable at all could be a reality.

They could be salty and cheaper!

Oh, yes. Sodium is among the most commonly found elements on earth, and if we can use it to make our batteries, the prices will automatically come down. What’s more, these batteries are supposed to be more efficient than regular batteries. If the scientists in Japan are to be trusted, we will see these batteries being used for smartphones within a decade!

We are extremely excited about all this becoming a reality soon. Are you?

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  1. Vaibhav Kulkarni

    This will be a great revolution in smartphones. Looking forward to it. Nice and very informative article as always.

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