Top 5 Sonic’s Adventures – Play Online

Sonic is a famous hedgehog we all know from video games. It was developed and owned by Sega. The main character enjoys his peaceful life until it gets interrupted by the series’s main antagonist, Doctor Eggman. Sonic has many friends, such as Tails, Amy, and Knuckles. They do their best to stop Eggman and foil his cruel plans of world domination. Enjoy Sonic Games Online!

Ultimate Flash Sonic Game

Ultimate Flash Sonic

The game Ultimate Flash Sonic has been completely redesigned of the well-known Sonic the Hedgehog in flash. You will enjoy a new adventure of Sonic. The game plays perfectly online and contains many of the elements of the original Sonic for Sega. It is time for some fun with this highly addicting game!

Sonic Lost In Mario World

Sonic Lost In Mario World - Play Online

If you love both Sonic and Mario games, and it is very difficult to make the choice, have a look at Sonic Lost In Mario World. It is a very beautiful game that looks like an arcade, but still it is about adventures of your two favorite characters. You will see that the interface of the game corresponds to the most popular Mario series. The only difference is that the main hero is Sonic! Be sure to face a lot of traps, evil monsters, and stunning adventures full of surprises!

Mario Bros in Sonic World

Mario Bros in Sonic World Game - Play Online

Mario Bros In Sonic World is the game where your two favorite video game characters meet each other. You are so lucky to see them in one game! This time Mario brothers are brought into the world of Sonic. There will be many levels to run through and pick up many gold coins. You will enjoy using the famous Sonic jump, which can be used to defeat never-ending enemies.

Super Mario Saves Sonic

Super Mario Saves Sonic Game - Play Online

As we all know the sweet nature of Mario, he always helps his friends in trouble. He risks his life to free them. This time Sonic is in trouble, and Mario is the only one who can help him in getting out of the cage. You have to be fast while playing Super Mario Save Sonic because Bowser is on the point to destroy Sonic. His main sworn enemy Mario will never let this happen.

Mario and Sonic Zombie Killer

Mario and Sonic Zombie Killer Game - Play Online

Mario And Sonic Zombie Killer want to fight zombies who are fleeing to you. Forget about their good intentions. Hurry up and shoot the little killers. There are many levels to pass. You will improve your weapons to kill more powerful zombies. In order to get the weapons, you will have to collect gold coins and make the exchange.

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