4 Praiseworthy Apps That Help Enhance Business Efficiency

4 Praiseworthy Apps That Help Enhance Business Efficiency 1

Are you fed up of staying below the mark? Do you feel like none of your efforts for your business pay off?

Well, we recommend you to check out the virtual scale of your venture. Perhaps, you do not have enough digital standing as your competitors. Bear in mind that the environment in which companies operate these days is changing rapidly. 95% of startups have digital business plans as compared with 87% of traditional enterprises that came into being 50 years ago or later.

Digital tech offers incredible capitalization opportunities. Online shopping, e-banking, and electronic transactions are some firmly established concepts. All of this is also possible because more people are embracing smart technology. Estimates reveal that 5 million people are using mobile phones across the globe. Of these, more than half are smartphone users.

As more people began to embrace the smart technology, experts launched mobile applications. These are specifically designed programs that execute different tasks. Using an app in your business helps you to ensure flawless internal operations. They take the extra burden off your shoulders. Consequently, you can give a better performance in the competitive industrial climate.

These days, Google Play Store is home to 3.5 million apps, while the App Store has over 2.2 million applications. Indeed finding a relevant app for your business is like looking for a needle in the haystack. However, do not fret. Our experts have rounded up some brilliant apps that most businesses out there can use and reap the rewards.

So let’s get down to it:

1. Asana

Asana is the project management tool that brings features from some popular programs on your screens. It integrates goal-setting with deadlines. You can design projects, set a target, and manage the progress on every step. Like the famous application Trello, it enables you to shift cards between the team members. There is also an option to communicate with the members under each task board.

This app came into existence in 2008 by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-Google-and-Facebook engineer Justin Rosenstein. Both developers aimed to improve the productivity of employees working at Facebook.

Eventually, it became a popular productivity tool for all types of businesses. It enables the business authorities to manage important goals and tasks inside a single space. It can integrate with other professional applications like Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

2. Evernote

This app has been around since 2004. It is a note-taking app that enables you to manage your digital initiatives. This tool allows you to create notes online and offline. You do not need to carry a notebook with you everywhere. Now you can enter notes even when you are on a commute or inside a supermarket.

The best part is that you can also scan handwritten notes. Plus, you can attach photos, audio clips, or web pages. It doesn’t end here. There are options to sync your notes so you can view them from all devices. For business personnel, this app can help to create agendas and design planners. It greatly helps during the presentations.

Founded by Stepan Pachikov, the Evernote Web program surfaced into open beta on June 24, 2008. It has run its cloud-based service from its own data center since the launch. But now it has completely moved over to the Google Cloud Platform. So once you have written essential notes and integrated details, you can upload it on the cloud for all team members to access it.

3. Pocket

Pocket, previously popular as Read It Later, is an app and web service designed to store articles that the user wants to read later. It is an offline reading tool which you can access once you have completed your online tasks.

The concept behind this app was to help users who are easily distracted by adverts. They cannot read content online as ads keep popping up randomly. Through this tool, they can save the links of stories, pictures, and websites.

When saving links on this app, you must be careful to save secure links only. A corrupt link may disrupt the entire OS of your device. Also, whenever you install an application, make sure that it is safe for the phone. Fortunately, developers in the current digital climate have become more alert and are trying to devise highly secure apps like airG spam free apps and other similar ones.

With that said, you can benefit from the Pocket App in plenty of ways. For example, you can read stories while you are on a train or waiting for your turn at the dentist.


IFTTT, which stands for “If This, Then That” is a free service. It allows you to connect with internet-based services and devices even when you do not know how to code. This smart application gives you the power to automate your digital life. You can collect all your apps in a single space and organize your smart device in a more customized way.

This app also works with digital voice assistants like Alexa, Cortana, and Siri. For example, you can instruct the app to save an email in a particular folder, and it will execute the task in a jiffy. The time saved can then be used for more useful tasks.

Designed and developed by Tibbets and co-founder Jesse Tane, this app tends to improve the overall functioning of the business. It has been received positively by Time, The New York Times, Forbes, and Reader’s Digest. This is due to the fact that it supports other applications like Dropbox, Instagram, Google Drive, Slack, and Twitter.

Apps like IFTTT allow you to make the correct decisions when you are short of time. They optimize your business and enable you to maintain things under control.

Final Thoughts

Managing multiple tasks in a business can be hectic and stressful. Mobile apps give a competitive edge to your venture by bringing various facilities at your doorstep. Make sure you have the tools that match the demands of your business. They’ll help you streamline communication and productivity within your staff as well as stakeholders operating beyond the workplace.

Do not undermine the convenience of these tools and let your rivals win the game. Be creative and get the gear your business needs. No power can keep you from scoring the best numbers in the market.

We hope you found a useful tool in our list. In case you think we missed something, let us know.

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