5 Tips to Record Professional Videos With Your Mobile!

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Already you know the basic tips for taking good pictures with your phones and want to improve? Today, it is the turn of the moving image (or video). With so much fudge that you see it out there and with so many things that we have in mind when filming them, it never hurts to remember the most elementary.

Sometimes we are so worried about the result that we overlook the dumbest things. There is nothing worse than a moving video, in which the image trembles, so much that in the end you will most likely get tired and stop watching it. So you better not assume anything and read all, even when you think that many already knew them.

1.- Know the hardware and software.

Indispensable! Although it looks like a stick, even if it is very boring, you have to read the manual of your phone, take into account that the benefits of all are very different and that even within the same brand there are many functions that are seen in some devices and in others no, and you must be very clear with it. In addition to reading the manual, you should review each of the functions, look for them in the device, test them. Nothing worse than not remembering how to program it at the moment you really need it. Practice, the cliches become that for certain and the truth is that the practice makes perfect. So experiment, try and try again and again until you are more than clear everything you can do with your mobile to record more professional videos. And don’t forget to have converting software. You might need to convert MP4 to MP3 or anything else.

2.- How to keep the image stable?

It seems silly, but we have already told you that this is a basic and sometimes keeping your pulse for a long time or walking is more complicated than you think. So first of all you should check if your mobile has the stabilization function and turn it on. Second, it is a great idea to acquire some support, even if it is something as basic as a small and economical tripod that helps you hold the phone with one hand and the third thing is to move as slowly as possible, even if we make a fool of ourselves in the street, we do not care! Think that you are a machine and that you should move almost dragging your feet and with a lot of poise.

3.- The blessed light!

If, as in photography, lighting is essential, think of the best time if you go outdoors, one in which natural light is as pleasant and powerful as possible. If you cannot choose your time and place, then you should always look for where the main light source is. Never stand against the light and if the lighting is low, try to complement it, use the focus and brightness of your phone to improve it and move a little until you discover which is the best angle in each case.

4.- The plane varies.

Yes, we know that we have told you that you should be as still as possible, but you should move or move the plane. There is nothing more boring than a 10-minute video in which we always see the same, in the same way. In fact it looks quite shabby, sometimes a close up that at first seems very absurd can bring a very artistic and professional touch to our final result. That is why among our tips for recording more professional videos, something fundamental is that you zoom in and out of the subject from time to time, that you change a bit of the frame and that you record as many angles as you can and then have material to edit.

5.- Beware of noise.

Although the microphones of the mobiles are usually quite good, the truth is that when making a video they can fall somewhat short. Especially when we are recording outdoors when wind and other sound sources can interfere terribly with what we really want to be heard. Our tips to record more professional videos in terms of sound are several, the first is to buy a cheap microphone or use the one that the headphones of the mobile bring, the second is that you make one yourself depending on the need of the moment and the third that you learn to use sound editing programs for videos, because you will need to eliminate some noise at some specific times.

Featured Photo by Jan Kopriva from Pexels.

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