5 Apps You Should Have On Your Phone If You Have A Car

Technology has been making every aspect of our lives easier for us; having a car is no exception here. There’s an abundance of different applications that people recommend you to have if you own a car, and some of them are definitely worth having. How can you get your head around it? What is actually worth paying attention to?

  1. Waze is a much better version of a default navigation app. It provides you with real-time information because it mostly relies on its users (and it has a lot of them, fortunately). You will know everything about traffic, police car locations, obstructions on the road, and anything else that can affect your drive.

  2. Fixd is a car diagnostic app that will make every repair easier and cheaper for you – you will simply know more about your car. You will need to buy a sensor for the app to work, but it’s certainly worth it.

  3. PlugShare helps you find charging points all over the world when you’re driving an electric car. Charging stations are rarer than gas stations so it’s better to be prepared.

  4. Best Parking shows you all the parking lots nearby and gives you information about how packed they are and how much they cost. You won’t ever be left in the middle of a city with no place to leave your car.

  5. Auto Care will keep all your car’s maintenance needs in order. You will have a quick access to your car’s service history, you will get reminders and be able to keep track of all your spendings.

To know more about cars, check out this infographic:

FIXD Car Breakdown Survival Infographic. FIXD Car Sensor and Diagnostic App For Monitoring. App to Monitor and Understand Your Car.
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