Top Apps If You Like to Work Remotely

In most corporations and companies, workers are allowed to work remotely a few days a month, especially if it’s a white-collar job. They are very often equipped with company laptops and mobile phones, so they have everything that they need to do their job at home. It’s quite a comfortable solution primarily for parents who have, for example, a sick child and can’t leave them alone. Others who benefit from working remotely, are usually pregnant women and frequent travellers.

This way of working is getting a more and more popular trend in most countries. People who start up their businesses also decide on such a workplace model. Thanks to that, they save much time on commuting to work every day, using this time, instead, for carrying out other important assignments. However, to work from home, you can also be exposed to many distractions. That’s why it’s so important to plan your schedule and take advantage of different auxiliary tools, making your work even more effective. Why not use some apps which can help you work from home?

WiFi Map

WiFi Map App: Get Free WiFi, VPN. Find Fast Internet and Secure VPN.

One of such apps is WiFi Map. Every worker knows very well how valuable the Internet connection is. As long as you work from home, you’ll be provided with your own Internet package. But sometimes it may happen that you’ll be working in a café, on the plane or anywhere else. So, how to find a reliable hotspot then? Having WiFi Map, you’ll quickly find out where you can access free WiFi, wherever you are. Moreover, you’ll be able to use its useful functions, such as VPN secure connection, interactive maps, or even the identification of any intruders. What’s also encouraging about this app is the fact that it’s totally free for iOS and Android mobile phones, with only some additional options at an extra cost.


Fax Burner App: Send and Receive Fax. Free Android and iPhone Fax Machine App.

Another helpful app is FaxBurner. What is it, and how does it work? You know that the office job requires a lot of faxing every day. Now, you no longer need a professional fax machine to do that. It’s enough if you download FaxBurner to your mobile device. With this application close at hand, you’ll be able to receive and send fax for free, as well as fax from your email, iPhone or iPad, and you’ll do all this within only 30 seconds. Do you want to change your mobile phone or email inbox into a fax machine? Then, don’t waste your time and make the most of FaxBurner.


Gyazo Camera App: Snap photos and share anywhere. Capture and share your screen. Screenshots and animated GIFs can be easily created.

But what about giving feedback to your coworkers? Don’t worry. You can do that with the use of Gyazo, which helps you capture and share images, screenshots and videos. Thanks to that app, you can edit pictures with text and underlines, as well as add emojis or even Gifs to give quick feedback that is visually pleasant and funny.


Shapr Business Networking App: Meet inspiring professionals

Do you want to spread your working network, find like-minded people, with similar interests and ideas, but you don’t know how to get to it? There’s nothing simpler. Download Shapr, which is a global networking tool that can help you meet new people, find a new job, a new employee or just a friend as fast as never before. The only requirement is to know English or French since this app operates only with these two languages. Working remotely doesn’t have to be boring and lonely. With Shapr you can make lots of new friends all around the world, without leaving your home.


SignRequest App: Sign Yourself or Get Documents Signed Easy, Secure, Legally Binding and Free

Do you need to sign some documents with your name, but you are far away from your workplace? Try SignRequest- an app, which enables you to sign all you need, from tax forms, job offers to other contracts, anytime you must do it. What’s also interesting about this app is that it’s available in 13 languages, it can store and manage all your documents, prepare them and add the logo and name of your company.


ZOOM Cloud Meetings App

Working remotely can be indeed convenient, but sometimes you may be required to attend some meetings, conferences and other training sessions. What then? It’s no longer a problem. You can be a part of every meeting with your team as long as you start using the Zoom app, which offers you HD audio and video calls. It works similarly to Skype. But today hardly anyone uses Skype. Zoom has more modern features and functions, being better adapted to your needs. Its basic package is free, but you can always expand it to a more advanced version and pay from $15 to $20 a month.

Being a remote worker, either from time to time, or permanently gives you much freedom, but under no circumstances, you should forget about your duties, which must be fulfilled with due caution. And that’s possible with these top apps, helping you in different spheres of your job.

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