PC vs Console Gaming

You should have fun playing games! Choosing a PC or console for playing games is a weighty decision. Both have pros and cons.

The best choice for you will depend on many factors such as your preference, needs, budget, graphics, and other factors. Keep reading to learn more about PC vs Console Gaming.

A game console is a device specifically made for gameplay. They require a monitor or a TV for display and a player interacts with the game through a handheld device with joysticks and buttons.

Examples of the game console include Microsoft Xbox, Famicom, Nintendo GameCube, Wii, Sony PlayStation, just to name a few. A PC for gaming is a personal computer specially made to play games.

Unlike with a console, you can build your own PC for gaming.

PC for Playing Games

PC for Playing Games

A gaming PC is a personal computer specially designed for playing games. You can build one or buy ready-made for playing games. Building one on your own will give you more control over the aesthetics and is more cost efficient, however it can be difficult to learn about a proper build. You can learn more about PC building here.

In contrast, a ready-built one will take all the stress out of customizing one. Ready-built ones also typically come with a gaming mouse and keyboard, things you’ll have to buy separately if you get your own PC build.


Games Demand a lot of graphics thus have more Computing Power

A lot of games demand using a powerful PC. It needs to have the latest processor, GPU, high speed, has a good cooling system, has as much as 32 GB of RAM, and many more.

Because gaming PC’s demand a lot of graphics, they have been designed with more computing power. I have seen many gamers start to migrate from console because of this reason.

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They perform better than most console. In fact, many PC made today have better specs which makes them easy to run games at 4K resolution.

You can customize your PC

Many people prefer customizing their PC for gameplay than buying a gaming console. You can choose how much money you want to invest in 3 components you need to upgrade include RAM, hard drive, and graphics processing unit.

RAM is designed to help your PC run smoother and faster. It is basically your PC’s short term memory. The hard drive is where game applications are stored permanently while GPU turns data into signals which are sent to a PC’s monitor.

A wide variety of Games

There are tons of games you can play online. A PC is used for a variety of purposes such as internet surfing, online game playing hence you have a wide variety of games to play or buy online.



Gaming PC’s are costly compared to consoles. Their price ranges from $400 to $1,500 while consoles costs from $200 to $300. If you are planning to upgrade your PC for playing games, you will need to spend hundreds of dollars.

You will need to buy a graphics card, upgrade your RAM, and hard disc.

Gaming Console

This is a device that is specially designed for gameplay. They include Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, just to name a few. The latest game consoles have features that use the internet hence you can play online games.

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High Performance

Game consoles are made to run high-quality video games hence you will have a smooth gaming experience when you use one. Games will load more quickly and all games are plug and play.

Because of their specs, they will play 4K games and will continue to perform smoothly even after using one for many years.


It is a well-known fact that consoles are cheaper than gaming PCs. You can buy one for as little as $200. The most expensive ones cost from $300 to $400.

It will come with 1 or 2 games, a controller, and other features. On the other hand, gaming PCs are expensive. A PC with good specs is expensive. Their starting price is $400.

Easy to use

Games consoles are easy to use. After buying one, just plug it in and you are ready to play your games. Their interfaces are also easy to use. Building your own gaming PC is stressful because you have to make sure that motherboard and CPU are compatible, have to buy the right graphics card, etc. No need to worry about hardware specifications when using a gaming console.

Can play with friends

Three children playing console video games.

If you like hanging out with friends, you will find a console better than a PC. Your computer might not have enough ports to plug more than 1 mouse and keyboard. Consoles come with USB slots. You can plug in a keyboard or more consoles to play with friends.

Consoles also have better controllers for gameplay. This is unlike a mouse and keyboard combo that has a steeper learning curve.

Wrapping Up

Consoles seem more superior to PCs. They are affordable, are easy to use, have high performance, and can play with friends. They also have better controllers. PCs can be used to play games if they have the right features.

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