How to Get a Lot of YouTube Subscribers in 2020?

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YouTube is indeed one of the most powerful platforms of today and one cannot imagine a dull, entertainment-less life without YouTube. Be it studies or ‘how-to’, movies or music, it has everything got sorted according to your choices and preferences. On the other hand, the video makers on YouTube are more in need of their target audiences. One subscribe on their channel is more like a sign that you are encouraging their content, and trust me, nothing feels better than some support from the followers. So to increase your subscribers, here are some ways to follow:

Quality and content length

Every small thing matters and that constitutes the quality. The way you stand up, speak, represent your speech, compel the audience in the cause of a social stir, make them laugh in case of stand-up’s, or make them learn your art. Right from speaking to the video quality, everything matters. So next time, make sure your video has the appropriate content and quality.

Reply to the audience

After all, the struggle is to get them to subscribe to your channel! Therefore, you need to have a communication with them. There needs to be a healthy conversation of feedback exchange, suggestions and recommendations, doubts solving, and even saying a ‘thank-you’ on compliments!

Entertainment factor

Well, how’d you feel, if our conversation goes all the way in a single monotonous way? So imagine talking to your virtual friends that way. Not a good practice, right? Therefore, always crack up some jokes, fun-facts, questions, and exceptions in your videos that can keep the viewers hooked to you!

Mention your next and previous videos

It is a good idea to mention a series of videos in a particular topic that you’re creating or if you have some topics ready or pending to refer to them. It always might be that one topic lands you up to another, so make sure you’ve got that another topic covered in your YouTube channel itself so that your viewer’s eyes don’t wander off your channel!

Keep a consistent schedule

One video in a week or sixteen videos a day will determine the count of your audience. Yeah, frequency matters as you certainly don’t want to flood their suggestions with your videos. For the same reason, make sure that you have a schedule maintained and followed when it comes to uploading and making videos.

Listen to good and doable advice of your audiences

It’s not always about ‘what you want?’ but also about ‘what they want?’ Try to inculcate the feedback given by your audience in the comments sections. If not feasible, make sure you reply to them with your other possible ideas. One happy audience cheers and brings others. Voila, did you just hit a jackpot with this way?

Host partnerships

Oh! You’re nearly there of achieving a large number of followers if you partner with someone. Partnerships indicate that you’re an easy-going person with everyone and at the same time you are promoting meaningful content. Partnerships can benefit you mutually and also reflect a bit of your helpful personality (even if you’re not!)

Maintain branding

You need to brand your videos. Be it on another video, or blogs, or websites, or through advertisements. You can have your own logos and watermark it on your videos so that the content remains solely yours and increases the standards of you as a brand and not as an individual.

I hope these few tips and tricks will certainly do wonders for your YouTube channel. Well, whatever are the tips, make sure you work with dedication, hard work, and efficiently and the target jackpot of audiences will be yours in no time.

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Rishika Desai

Author Bio: This article has been written by Rishika Desai, B.Tech Computer Engineering Student at Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology (VIIT), Pune. She is a good dancer, poet and a writer. Animal love engulfs her heart and content writing comprises her present. You can follow Rishika on Twitter @ich_rish99.

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