Top 5 Ways to Make Money With Software

Want to learn the best strategies to earn money with the software but don’t know how to begin? Did you develop a website that requires funds to remove errors and run smoothly? Aiming to make side-income with your internet game? Check our expert-approved methods here to reap profits with your software.

Make money online.

Imagine what it would be like to get monetary gains from the software you have developed with great pains. If you are investing in a marketing application or website, you will naturally want returns with a larger margin. Our suggestions are time-tested and will provide value for your skill set.

1. Provide Access to Your Software on a Subscription Basis:

You might ask: why will people come to subscribe to my software if there are so many free versions available online? They will if your software product contains the special features that are not available in the free models. Showcase your software’s USP through a product-advantage comparison table. In other words, you emphasize on how certain characteristics of your software can prove valuable to the customer. It can also show that your product offers better service than their free counterparts.

The pro-tip is to market your paid product in a way that seems not too technical. If you can assure the customers that your software is the ultimate solution to their problems, a dedicated client base is bound to form. You can save money on marketing by uploading the product in a reputed cloud hosting software service.

2. Go For In-App or In-Site Advertisements:

Allowing third-party advertisements in your app or website is probably the most hassle-free method to make money with software. You can get your app sponsored by placing banners and video ads of other software for installation. Free video and audio streaming apps use this marketing strategy to earn revenue. They often embed advertisements with installation links within videos or play video ads at regular intervals.

Every time a user clicks on the ad and installs the app, you get paid. Is your software a beta version of the premium model? Then you can create a free, no-register version of the app and place ads asking users to upgrade.

3. Sell the Code You Have Developed:

It can be especially helpful if you have developed video games or any programming language like Python. Even if you sell your source code without charging a fee, users might want it compiled because most codes cannot be run directly. And who can be a better expert at compiling your own source code than yourself? Your potential client will want to modify the code to suit its needs.

Game development.

What you can do is to sell a license to modify your source code for software development. Suppose, the user does not understand how to alter the code script but wants to do the same. We suggest providing access to the compiled machine code for an appropriate charge. Freelancing is another lucrative option to sell source codes. Companies will hire a software engineer on a temporary basis, with flexible schedules to write and compile codes for them.

4. Provide Online Courses on Coding and Software Learning:

Does your software require training? Why not teach people how to use it? Developers can create lecture videos and upload them on YouTube or any other tutorial site like Udemy and Coursera. Students who want to learn your programming language can access the lessons by paying for them. If you want to provide video tutorials for free, we suggest featuring ads from sponsors, to get income. You can also sell your experience in customizing open-source software to lucrative clients. The chances are that if your software is much coveted, you will be hired to instruct learners about your product.

5. Create a Setup for In-App Purchases:

You might know about this method as the “freemium trick”. As the name suggests, its free+premium, that is, it will allow the user to download the software and use it for free, but not totally. The special features are hidden behind a paywall and can be accessed only after the clients sign up for the premium version.

You can offer discounts to have them make their first purchase. Even if they don’t go through the deal for the first time, you can send reminders and follow-up messages to ensure that they actually complete it.


The right combination of the tips given here will prove more effective to sell all kinds of software. You will attract more clients if your product description features independent third-party reviews. Which of our software-selling tactics has been effective in marketing your product? Let us know in the comment section.

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