5 Trending Technologies in the Automotive Industry in Future

Trending Technologies in the Automotive Industry in Future.

The involvement of modern technology and digitization has transformed the automotive industry at its best. We are witnessing the best and tech-oriented cars of the centuries in 2020, and yet there is a lot more to come. The revolution technology is bringing mind-blowing changes in the sector and the next decade will be full of a lot more innovations.

The technologies involved in automotive development that are worth-mentioning are Artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and Robotics. They don’t only groom all the industries but also provide a significant leap towards the growth and manufacturing of cars. Along with that, these modern cars will be eco-friendly to reduce pollution.

These technologies will launch in the tech-savvy countries first like the USA, UK, European countries, Canada, Germany, UAE, etc. You will be able to enjoy the ride on the modern cars in Dubai. You have the opportunity to buy these modern cars from well-reputed brands or just contact the monthly car rental company and rent modern cars to enjoy a ride. Let’s have a glimpse of the developments that are going to happen in the future.

Trending Technologies in the Automotive Industry in Future

Autonomous Cars

The trend of self-driving cars is in gossips for years now and you must know that it is not a fantasy anymore. Companies like Google and Tesla have done a couple of experiments and their self-driving cars already hit the road and covered several miles. There are 5 levels of autonomous cars and many companies have reached level 4 successfully and are still working on level 5. It is the last level in which the car will drive itself without any human assistance or monitoring.

The upcoming years will bring enhancements in networking, communication, and cooperation that will help in humans and car safety. The widespread infrastructure is improved like augmenting lane markers on different highways to sense the weather situations and vice versa. According to estimations, up to 15% of new cars will be totally autonomous.

360 Tire Concept of Future by Goodyear

The other feature of modern cars that is in the process is Goodyear’s Maglev 360 spherical tire concepts. The engineers and automakers are well aware of the superior traction characteristics of the sphere. But, the suspension without any restriction of 360-degree range of motion is an obstacle. The engineers of Goodyear have proposed the magnetic suspension that helps to levitate the car above tires that allows 90-degree maneuvers. It is perfect for both passing and parking a car without any change to car orientation.

Connected Technologies

Connected technologies are also one of the most shaping trends of the automotive industry. Future cars will be able to connect and communicate with other cars using cloud technologies. It will work if the cars are connected to the internet. This technology will come in handy to complete many tasks. For example, when the cars connect with each other they will be able to warn the traffic hold-ups and provide the best alternative mode to navigate. The driver will be able to start the car remotely and lock/unlock the cars.

This technology will make cars able to provide car parking services in a tight or narrow spot quite easily using apps. The users inside or outside the car will be able to access the Internet. The best example of connectivity is the emergence of smart tablets with smartphones to share Wi-Fi hotspots. This technology along with voice command features provide a seamless driving experience to car owners in the future. Furthermore, you will be able to connect by lasers, cameras, and radars as the cars will make a complete 3D map of surroundings.

3D Lidar

3D-Lidar technology will take the automotive industry to another level when it will be done in the next decade. The automakers and engineers are still on level 2 where cars use mm-wave radar and cameras to detect obstacles to assist drivers. The important thing here that should be in your notice is that these systems depend on the inclement weather and attributes of objects to be avoided. Many leading automotive industries are working on this concept and trying to reach level 3. It works by emitting its own laser lights and creating a map of the surroundings according to car-mounted sensors. It even works if the camera fails and that makes it an incredible choice for the night.

Electric Cars Launch

Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Car, Trending Technologies in the Automotive Industry in Future.
Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Car

Fossil fuels like Petrol, Diesel, etc. are not eco-friendly at all and the increasing amount of traffic on roads is causing a lot of pollution. To overcome this issue, the automakers are trying to create more and more electric cars. With the launch of e-vehicles, mankind will be able to get rid of pollution and increasing price issues. The strict emission regulations, lower battery cost, and advanced infrastructure will increase the demand for e-cars in the future. According to the estimations, 10 to 40% of the new cars will be electric and the adoption rates will be highest. Moreover, their impact on the environment will be also positive and that’s why all are looking forward to the launch of the electric car.

Smart Garages

Smart garage and warehouse management are another ones of the technological advancements that we would be seeing pick trend constantly. Tirestoragesolutions.ca is a great example of the industry moving to smart tire garages.


It’s just a matter of a few years until all these developments will be successfully launched. The advancement will result in fully functional self-driving cars. After seeing Ford and Tesla advance technology, it’s easy to predict that the automotive industry is near to its milestones. Although the active parking, pre-collision detection, and lane-keeping systems are already active in the Ford cars.

We are pretty sure that soon we will be able to enjoy a ride in modern and feature-rich cars. No matter where you live you can still enjoy these cars while your Dubai tour as they will be launched ASAP in UAE as the residents of this country are crazy about cars. Moreover, for daily or Car Rental Dubai services, you can choose RentalcarsUAE as they are offering economical to luxurious cars at the most reasonable prices.

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