Xampion Sensors: The Next Revolutionary Thing in Football

Improving your game through technology has been one of the biggest trends of the advanced era. Various sensors help us get accurate metrics and analytics that can judge a player in performance and efficiency. One of such technical integrations that happened in the game of football is Xampion Sensors. These can be owned by anyone- professional players, the team’s coach, or individuals who want to improve their game. Read on to know more about the next revolutionary thing in football.

Xampion Sensors specifications

Xampion sensors can efficiently detect and tell about a player’s performance on various parameters to judge. The sensors can auto-connect with the application to transmit the data once it senses motion. It can grasp the player’s foot and the ball’s contact point, and it can identify the strike speed. It keeps a count of sprints and the pace associated with them.

These sensors come with a warranty of two years and calculate the other details, such as the contact point with the ball and evaluating the player’s performance. Lastly, they’re made to withstand sudden electric, water, and temperature fluctuations. With this, the sensors can integrate into the player’s shoes and fetch data.

Xampion Football Tracking System: It measures your sprint speed, distance travelled, personal tempo, intensity levels, ball touches, strike speed, contact point and type.

Xampion Sensors for teams

Xampion sensors can be used for individual use. Players can highlight their previous performances and compare how every activity is benefiting them. Every individual player also has access to the app entitled to free personal user recommendations and history of all the summaries. The Xampion sensor then sets a rank for the user that motivates him for the future.

Xampion Sensors for a coach

The coach has a better advantage as he can directly access, chat, and send feedback to the entire team or individual player. He can track and derive the data from setting each player apart and working on them depending on their weakness area. As an added plus point, the coach can also track the players who work post-session, and thus, it benefits him to keep dedicated players.

How to buy the Xampion Sensors?

You can buy the sensors on their official website. The entire combo pack is the recommended product to go for as it consists of the guide, application access, pair of soles, and sensors. However, you have to get the app access to Xampion Plus separately, which is available on a fixed subscription basis. The app retrieves all the data for free through a Bluetooth based connection. However, the Xampion Plus application with a dedicated Coach dashboard that keeps the access centralized. The data can also be shared among a single network of users or the same age as the Plus app subscription.

How to install the Xampion Sensors?

Installing the sensors in the soles is as easy as it seems. However, it is recommended to go through the user manual carefully. Once the sensor is connected via Bluetooth on your device, it automatically starts transmitting data, and the analytics start being generated at the backend.

The Xampion App for individuals and coaches

If you’re a team of a minimum of six players, then you can get a coach subscription and an additional discount on the sensor set. This data can be accessed and shared over laptops and tablets as well. The software enables you to execute all the functionalities of the app on other devices smoothly. The application for individuals comes with a rich GUI and displays every record of all metrics in a single place. You can also connect with the other Xampion members and interact with the experienced people in the community. Besides, some features of the premium app can help access and share information with all the users globally and compare their performance with yours.

Xampion Sensors Football Tracking Technology

What things should I note while using the Xampion Sensors?

  1. To synchronize the sensor and the app, you must first sign up and submit the sensor ID. Only then can you create, edit, and track your schedule.
  2. The sensor can last up to 20 hours with a one-time charging. Keep track of the battery status before using to don’t miss out and get uninterrupted analysis.
  3. Placing the sensors at the right place before using them is necessary to maintain accuracy. Read the manual carefully not to damage the device.
  4. One session is fifteen minutes. Anything lesser than that shall not be considered as a session. The sensors will automatically turn off on ten minutes of inactivity and take at least ten seconds to transmit the data to the application completely.
  5. The application supports Android and iOS platforms apart from other devices.
  6. The sensors can only detect strikes, passes, snaps, and ball controls to maintain accurate data related to the football contact. Other data might distort the vital information and thus get discarded from tracking.
  7. Make sure to measure your shoe size before making a purchase for the insoles.
  8. Xampion provides 30 days of full refund policy if the sensors do not provide satisfactory results.

Towards the conclusion

As we conclude on the topic of Xampion Football sensors that can be easily integrated into the soles and help you evolve the game. Besides, this kind of technological advance can improve play quality based on the player’s statistics. Are you looking forward to implementing high-tech applications in your favorite game? Get yours right away!

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