How to Create Smarter Landing Pages for Music Marketing

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You have been to thousands of websites. You have perhaps left a site because the page layout is not appealing. Everything seems to be everywhere. It was hard to navigate and visually unattractive.

Many companies will focus on the homepage. But have you ever really paid attention to the importance of a landing page?

The following statistics will show you just how important a landing page is. On average, you can expect a conversion rate of 9.7% from your landing page. Multiple landing pages can increase leads by up to 55%.

Page loading speeds on your landing page are critical. Every extra second the online visitor has to wait, results in a 4.42% drop in conversion rates.

Your website is a fantastic place to promote your music career. Take advantage of the different marketing options available to you. Your landing page is perhaps one of the most critical. It starts with creating smart landing pages. We will show you how in our article.

Smart Landing Pages: The Best Way to Create Them for Your Music Marketing

Smart Landing pages will help you attract visitors to your website. It provides an opportunity to collect leads. With the right tactics, converting hot leads will result in massive ROI for you.

There are specific steps you need to take when creating smart landing pages. So what are they?

1. Decide On the Goals for Your Landing Pages

Exactly why are you setting up a landing page? Having clear goals will be an excellent guide to what you need to incorporate. Do you want to:

  • Generate leads so that you get them to sign up for your music company
  • Communicate your value proposition to the target audiences
  • Differentiate your company from others

Post promotions or other offers to increase excitement and awareness? You could, for example, encourage signups by offering free music promotion services for those who are launching careers in the music industry.

2. Determine What Kind of Landing Page You Want

There are different types of landing pages available. The type will depend on your goals and the timelines you allocate to each. The options are:-

  • Landing Page within the Site Structure

Instead of having the landing pages separate from your main site, you can integrate them within the existing architecture. The advantage is setting it up is easier and less time-consuming.

You may, however, have challenges if you do not optimize for the search engines. There may also be navigation issues for traffic coming in from other browsers.

  • Bespoke, Separate Landing Pages

Bespoke separate pages mainly focus on conversions. They are excellent if you are running special campaigns or promotions. And, you will typically have them up for a short time.

The designer will create a microsite separate from the main website. It allows you to align the look and feel to the campaign you are running. But, it can be time-consuming and costly to come up with bespoke landing pages.

The page will also not appear on Google due to the Sandbox effect. It will take some time before Google gives the landing page recognition.

  • A Microsite with Multiple or Tabbed Landing Pages

Multiple landing pages improve chances of better leads generation and conversions. It also has a significant role to play with regard to SEO. However, be careful about information overload. It can also be time-consuming to manage them all.

Do note; you could also have the homepage temporarily serve as a landing page. However it would be more about awareness creation than lead generation.

3. Think About the Content

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  • Written Content

Landing pages are useful when you do not have too much information. The online visitor should, at a glance, get the relevant message.

Please keep it simple, make it short and focus on the main benefits. Pay a lot of attention to the headline so that you grab the visitor’s attention. Incorporate the right keywords to make them visible to the search engines.

Getting the right balance is essential. It should be short enough for those visitors who may not want to spend too much time on written content. Make it long enough for those who may want more information.

  • Write a Strong CTA (Call-To-Action)

It would help if you guided the online visitor to a specific action. Do you want them to buy new releases?

Are you introducing a new musician? Do you have a promotion or campaign you are launching?

Start your CTA with a verb. It could read something like … download the latest releases here. If you are launching a campaign…. Click here for exclusive offers. Please keep it simple and specific.

Use language that will entice the online visitor to click on the CTA. If possible, keep the page free of any distractions. Your landing page should not have extra navigation links or too many calls to action. You are looking at eliciting a singular reaction to achieve what you want.

4. Pick the Right Visual Cues

Visuals are essential because they help grab the attention of online visitors. If possible, take your pictures so that you have room for creativity. By creating storylines, you can pass the messaging without too many words.

5. Optimize For Mobile

Ensure that online visitors can view the landing page on mobile. More than 50% of internet users will use their smart devices. It provides the convenience of accessing information anywhere and at any time. The landing page loading speeds must be very fast. Mobile users are very impatient and may leave your page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

6. Run Relevant Tests

It helps to measure whatever you do on your website. It helps to know that the design of the landing pages works.

Google Analytics, A/B Testing, and PageSpeed Insights are tools you can use. By testing, you can tweak the landing page accordingly to achieve the best results.

Final Thoughts

The right landing page for your music marketing can lead to higher conversion. Determine what goals you have in mind. Next, think about the layout, including content and the right graphic. Make it informative and straightforward to increase the chances of collecting the right leads.

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