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Link building is an amazing way to become known in your niche, gaining more leads and increasing Internet rankings. This is a natural way of saying that you are a credible service that offers useful services to the general public.

Links communicate to search engines as well, showing that people talk about you in a good way, which means you deserve a ‘raise’.

There are also many methods of building links that aren’t difficult if you put in some effort. You can write content and promote it, negotiate other sites linking to existing articles, create visuals and engaging material that would get links without any manipulations. You can also research other sites for ready-to-use opportunities that will give you a backlink in a couple of emails.

There’s an option to use a link-building service that will find the best options for you.

Let’s find out more about every way!

How to Build Links Quickly and Easily

First of all, analyze your website and decide if it’s ready to accommodate more traffic. This includes:

  • Loading speed.
    If your website loads for over 3 seconds, you’re going to lose traffic. Not many people are determined enough to wait for a long time (in online terms 4-5 seconds is long enough to leave).
  • Quality and quantity of content.
    See if you have something valuable to offer those that click on your link. Is there something interesting for your target audience? Do you know your target profile? Are there visuals and other entertaining items that will make people want to stay?
  • SEO.
    In combination with link building, optimization works like a charm, helping your audience grow and interact with your content.
  • Page integrity.
    Check for broken pages and faulty redirects. Your job is to make the user experience as smooth as possible.

If you’re all set, let’s build some backlinks from blogs!

#1: Guest Posting

Writing engaging articles for other websites with a link to yours and/or a description of what you do is an incredible chance to enhance your audience and build high-quality links. There are many websites on different topics eager to invite guest writers to contribute to their blogs.

Look for relevant sites with a great Domain Authority and a decent rating. They will elevate you, and you will provide them with a piece written by an expert.

According to justwebworld.com, guest posting is still on the list of TOP practices that help draw traffic. It’s also approved by Google, so it’s a mistake not to use it for your benefit.

#2: Unlinked References

Set up Google Alerts and look for all mentions of your business, brand, website, email, name, products, services, etc. It can also be an industry word that directly describes what you do.

Analyze the websites where the mentions aren’t linked, see what sources would contribute to your backlink profile, and contact the owners, asking for a link. In most cases, you’ll get what you want.

#3: Adding Media to Your Content

Using visuals in your articles is one of the best ways to drive traffic. It’s also a great way to get more backlinks. Graphs, infographics, video content from your pages will be shared in other articles by bloggers that don’t want to conduct their own research.

It’s easier for many website owners to use someone else’s media with a credit (a backlink). Both parties win:

  • You get exposure and a reference;
  • They get a useful piece of visual content.

#4: Writing ‘Skyscraper’ Content

‘Skyscraper’ content is a type where you combine all the tips, recommendations, tools, services, etc. in one piece.

‘105 Tips on Effective Link-Building’, ‘150 Mistakes Beginners Do That You Can Avoid’, etc. are all examples of skyscraper titles. Such articles spike up curiosity in people and they expect a bag of useful information.

Other websites will also link to such compilations since they will provide value to their audience in this way.

#5: Creating Guest Infographics

There’s a thing called guestographic. It’s a guest infographic created by your designer team, using the material from another website and posted there with a backlink to its creator.

This is an especially suitable option for businesses connected to design that seek talent exposure and credible backlinks.

To cooperate with a website:

  • Find a reliable one with an active audience and a high ranking;
  • Find the right person to contact;
  • Pitch your infographics to them, persuading of their effectiveness;
  • Ask for key points they would like in their visual;
  • Create the infographic;
  • Harvest results.

Build Links Gradually

These ways can give you many links in a short time. But you don’t need to be rapid with such processes. It’s better to build and grow over time. If you do it too fast, search engine algorithms will have questions.

Focus on creating high-quality engaging content that offers usefulness to readers. Then, if the links you get from well-optimized articles aren’t enough, manipulate.

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