Top 7 Software Development Trends for 2022 You Need to Know

Top 7 Software Development Trends for 2022

The 2020 year greatly changed the way people live, rest, and work. Most companies shifted online and looked for advanced IT solutions for their businesses. Even though software development has always been popular, it became even more crucial due to all recent changes. That’s why developers need to keep an eye on software trends to meet the clients’ requirements and present winning solutions for their needs. If you are into software development, then it is high time to discover all new trends to keep up to date. This list of software industry trends will help you stay competitive and provide you with a wide range of advanced tools for creating the best products ever.

Cloud Services

Remote work is already an irreplaceable part of people’s lives. Many companies allow employees to either combine online and offline working or do their tasks only remotely. Hence, the management should create good conditions, and this is when cloud services enter the stage. Recent statistics show that the revenue of IT cloud services is about $256 billion, and it is expected to grow in 2022. The experts mention a high demand for IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS development. This way, experts aim to settle down communication within the team thanks to the incredible flexibility of the mentioned solutions.

E-Commerce Software Solutions

Pandemic has promoted e-commerce greatly. As a result, online sales are growing at an impressive pace. Businesses start considering mobile ecommerce app development to meet the needs of their clients. Companies want to boost the customers’ experience, offer safe delivery, automate most business processes, and provide numerous payment options. Therefore, the latest app trends include e-commerce software solutions. Experts are expected to present user-friendly software design products.

JavaScript and Python

JavaScript is still a leading programming language. Developers worldwide choose it to create unique products for different niches. However, there is another language that has started to gain popularity. Python seems to have all chances to reach the top position soon. Developers who are specialized in building apps with the support of ML- and AI-based features choose exactly Python. Taking into consideration AI and Machine Learning’s popularity, Python may even replace JavaScript very soon.

Low-Code Development

Low-Code Platform

Simplification is one of the trends in software engineering. Specialists aim to create apps hitting a low-code development. It means everybody will be able to develop products without applying well-known coding. Instead, people can take advantage of configuration and graphical user interface. Such environments come up with the incredible potential of implementing ideas into digital products with no development skills required. Unfortunately, not all specialists realize such advantages of low-code development as manual work reduction, lower barrier for entering software development, and saving of time and money.

Containers and Microservices

These are other trends in the software development industry. Companies of all sizes are predicted to adopt microservices and containers. As a result, they will cope with projects that require security, scalability, and round-clock availability. Even the most difficult products can be easily implemented with the help of cloud-based microservices and containerization.


Many companies already take advantage of outsourcing services. The problem is that it is quite difficult for businesses to find talented software developers who know the latest software technologies and can present awesome results within a definite budget. Recent statistics prove that demand for software outsourcing will see an incredible rise in 2022. Such a smart option comes with plenty of benefits for companies. Among them are diminished risks, speed up development, advanced quality, cost efficiency, etc. All of them allow companies to experience market growth and take leading positions.

Delivery, Integration, Deployment

Talking about software development trends, they should be mentioned as well. Due to world digitalization, special attention is paid to automation and monitoring of the whole app lifecycle. Companies aim to end and deliver apps quicker. That’s why they need to ensure software quality. This is when ongoing integration, delivery, and deployment take place. As a result, experts predict an incredible boost of CI/CD tools in 2022. Such practice allows the identification of bugs quicker and makes the overall testing very effective. All in all, the companies are getting high-quality products that fully meet the expectations of the clients and increase their position in the market.

Final Remarks

Unfortunately, the IT market, as any other industry, greatly depends on the pandemic that makes the whole world change the rules of the game. Of course, some fluctuations may take place, but in general, all mentioned above developer trends will keep leading position in 2022. Knowing new software development tendencies will help you stay competitive and introduce products that are both modern and effective. In case you feel a lack of needed software expertise, you are recommended to reach a professional team that is able to create a high-grade digital solution. Mind that competence is a crucial factor for building really valuable products.

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